Fuck, fuck fuck,fuck  

peakboo2 72M
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6/9/2006 7:13 pm
Fuck, fuck fuck,fuck

In some circles it is the only vocabulary known and in other circles the word is like the worst possible thing one human can say to another.

Think about it no fuck, no humans no animals no world. Solution Fuck to your hearts content. Make no mistake there is a huge difference beteen fucking and making love. We as the human race constantly try to put a different spin on the deed. We call it make love, we call it passion, we call it a lot of cute names but in the end we all to fuck. Especially me.

How many of you women really truly want to fuck and how many just say so to get a guy sniffing your ass? I have been told, and I agree the most powerful force known to man is Pussy Power. The pussy has brought down more empiers, destroyed more armies, caused more wars and generally insitgated more mahem than any other force know to man.

I truly hope that the women of the world never realize what they have.

My case for example, I am risking everything for the prospect of some pussy. My marriage, my wife, my business, my general way of life. In my mind it is worth the risk.

Yep/thats right I want pussy, I want to eat it, finger it, play with it, caress it, look at it, feel it pressed warm against my body, caress it, talk about it, share it, and fuck fuck fuck fuck the hell out of it until it is raw from friction or my cock falls off from exhaustion.

Now ladies a thing or two about cocks. Like pussy they come in all shapes, sizes, colors. Youn cannot see all in a lifetime. I do my best to show what my contributiuon to this curiosity is for the benefit of all you female or male if you like,creatures in my space,

Cocks love to be touched, squezed,caresed,kissed,cuddled,tickled,sometimes slapped, pinched, poked, pierced and abused just like you pussys. Most males cannot admit they like or need anything except to find a hot pussy and bury the cock to the hilt then jackhamer the pussy until they dump the load. Then its lights out time for sleep.

That is not this cock or a lot of others. This cock loves fore play, this cock loves talking, this cock loves erotic talk, this cock loves dirty talk, this cock loves being exposed this cock loves to look at pussy, this cock loves to fuck fuck fuck, this cock loves to be sucked, this cock loves to (love)if thats what it takes to get to your pussy.

This cock wants you pussy to talk about cocks, pricks, dicks, pussy's, cunts' and all the rest. let your imagination run wild use your mouth the engage this cocks largest sex organ (brain) and watch the sparks fly.

If you cannot say the words fuck,cock, prick pussy,and a lot of other things to set the brain working and the cock to jumping this cock will be very subdued.

Join this cock in exhibitionism, voyeurism,light bondage, mutual oral stimulation, possible light pain, I place trust in all you pussys do any of you dare to give me the trust I deserve and desire.

Experience with me sex in a moving car, flashing other drivers, stopping in parking and fucking our brains out, going to the adult book store and watching each other jack off in a buddy booth, fuck in the woods, on the beach, under the stars, walk naked in the rain, fuck each other silly and share with the world what it is like.

All you poor jealous up tight, burned out prudes and prudesses are in for a life of boredom.

Do you dare, do you have the balls, the guts? The answer is not a long disertation.

One word.


Action. actions speak volumes words are cheap.

time is short, one maybe two days we must make decisions and move on.

Check YES or

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