#6 -- In Response To Frustration...  

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3/16/2005 8:47 pm

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#6 -- In Response To Frustration...

In a comment to my post #4, mygmyg wrote the following:

Peaches, Guarantee this guy is probably feeling the same thing! There are a whole group of US that go thru life wishing we could could just take that first step, the first move, the first word.
Are you serious about having casual sex w/him? No mention of crush, infatuation in your desires. How to let him know?
1) move a little closer, five feet? 2) Ask him if he has a condom! (hang with me) He'll be stunned, probably laugh, defensively, ragardless of the answer, You have broken the ice. Read his reaction, he doesn't move/gets closer, you're there, he is yours. He moves away, your response is, I am meeting someone and I want to be prepared!
don't sit on the sidelines, have an idea of what you want, but realize that we are dogs, big dogs, and no matter how discreet you are...count on him divulging his conquest.

How true, although my skittishness in making the first move is more because I'm not sure if he's into girls so much, if you get what I'm saying. Not that there's a problem with that, by any means! I'm just not sure that he would be interested in me for that reason. Sigh... I just need to grow a set & ask!

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