#5 -- More Questions  

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3/16/2005 6:18 pm

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#5 -- More Questions

Thanks for the questions! It gives me some ideas about what to write about...

Q. Mid-term? essay or objective testing and what is the subject?
A. This midterm was in my Business Policy & Strategy class. It wasn't really a midterm for the class, it was a test called the MFAT (and I have no idea what that stands for.) Stupid standardized test!

Q. Have you ever been so excited by a kiss that you had an orgasmic experience?
A. Yes. Several occasions... There have been several times that my guy has kissed so well that I could feel juice just gush right on out of me. And unfortunately, all of those times, that's about where it ended...

Q. When flying solo, since most of us do, do you use your imagination, porn or literature for stimulation?
A. A little of all three. It's most difficult to have a prolonged experience with a roommate (I'm in college... I like reading the literature on here and on other websites and use my imagination to supplement that. Other times, I'll look at some porn...

Q. Which is better giving or receiving head?
A. Hmmm, what an intriguing question! I think it's equally good for both. It's so empowering to be giving a guy a blowjob and have that control over him, but likewise, it's awesome to be eaten out and just lay back and enjoy the ride (pun definitely intended!!!)

Q. Did I ask too many questions?
A. Of course not! I welcome them!

Q. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
A. A lot.

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