Welcome to the new year!  

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1/5/2006 9:35 am

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11/22/2006 11:09 am

Welcome to the new year!

Heya all - hope 2006 is treating everyone well so far!

Is this thing on? Are we sitting here blogging into the cyberspace wastelands? LOL...enough of that. Anyway, back to the topic - the new year.

This is the year we're going to break our "virginity" when it comes to playing with others. We've gotten close on one occasion, but there were too many interfering factors. That's another conversation though. In order to help this goal we'd love to meet some of the fantastic folks that are here on AdultFriendFinder. Too bad we're standard members, but you (yes you! Don't look behind you, there's no one there ) can easily figure out that pdx420 on google's system (gm a il) is the way to shout out!

We're getting hornier by the week and just dying to explore more. We've seen some fantastic folks in various PDX groups, but winks only go so far. Not to mention we've only gotten 1 wink in the last 3 months - what's up with that?

We've got more pics to share if ya'll want to buddy up on the AdultFriendFinder networks. Just invite us and we'll do the same. Were those enticing? Good. Just ask us for naughtier. None handy, but no time like the present to break out the digi cam and make some memories.

Until laters,

--Peabody & Reb

PS - Tuesday night was HOT! We never even made it around to actual sex. The 69ing and other foreplay made us both scream in pleasure and somehow a present made it all over Reb's face. It's official though - she doesn't swallow. Of course it was only fair to meet her needs, and boy howdy, she was quite pleased at the results. We had weak knees for the 45 minutes following!

cutepdxbbw 36F

10/15/2006 5:51 pm

you both sound like fun! you posted on y blog a while back that you were interested in meeting. if you'd like to chat about that then email me on yahoo. same screenname as this site.

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