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7/21/2005 12:55 am

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cool breeze warm breath. shivers down my back. hairs on my neck stand on end. night falling stars calling . interesting thoughts in my head. you and me maybe another. how do i know for sure. a soft caress a gentle press. can it be me or more. emptiness fullfillment something inbetween. something dark and slightly painful . a cold stare from those eyes. cold flesh warm lips something sharp . something calling pulling me in. a tug at my soul i beleive. a bite a lick a feeling of despair. give me pain at least i know its real. the rest is a dream something i cant feel. my heart my soul it cries for you. but i only feel it in the deep of night. l;oneliness it is my comfort. the thought of pain makes me tremble. a hand in my hair makes my flesh hot. i am so confused tell me what you want. can i die yet or do i wait . will you tell me can i decide. i think the goddess will decide for us both. she will control that decision. she is the master the owner of our souls . a drink i hear it. take a drink. it whispers. use the little drink it says. are you good or are you evil. i must decide. what have you done . do you deserve this. i know not i. pain sharp sweet sexual.. fear dying death. somewhere in there is bliss. it is eternal pulling calling for you and me. we notice nothing about love . what is it what does it mean. absolutely nothing .. not from you . not from me. i love the drink the taste the flesh.. the feeling of control when i am at my best.. can we act on it no. can we use it no. can we show it no. i want you to want me. to hurt me. to use me . to abuse me. can you. will you .. tell me .. this is killing my flesh my soul. the stars know it.. the earth knows it .. the goddess knows it.. why not you.. why not me.. is there an end.. we will see..

MidnightToker33 44M

8/14/2005 11:54 pm

Wow, babe, what'choo doing this Saturday night?

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