What I will buy if....  

patsam69 51M/51F
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6/17/2005 11:27 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What I will buy if....

The next guy doesn't show up!

My husband and I are kid free tomorrow night, and we have had a couple of offers to meet. The guy I talked about in my blog at the beginning of the week is a no go. He has his kid one weekend and works the other...which makes for no social life. Sigh...I guess he is a goner!

A man from Tampa has offered to come my way, or rent a hotel room if we go his way..hhmmmmm...thinking about it. Of course we would meet in public. have a drink and see if there is anything there.
A man who lives a little closer to us wants to get together also. so I am tossing it around.

I think I am getting gun shy as the last 3 men have pretty much screwed us. and not in a good way. i have lost faith in the whole process. It is tiring to plan...then nothing. I keep trying to figure out which of these 2 guys will show...or if I even want to try to meet anyone at all. Don't get me wrong...I could go for a good 3 some....I just feel like something is missing. Probably my faith in humanity!! have a good weekend all!

patsam69 51M/51F

6/17/2005 11:28 am

well...that pic didn't show up too well...Its a knife rack in the shape of a man. If only I knew how to put pics IN my post. Sigh.

AltumHunksUnite 53M

6/17/2005 2:18 pm

Still having trouble with these guys, huh?

Let me drive. I like the view

Tala4u2 54M  
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6/17/2005 4:52 pm

I have no problems getting Dates through AdultFriendFinder, and have never been stood up yet. But there is a damn intense sorting process to getting a date. It is so easy to chat and be horny online and when it actually comes to doing anything a lot of people seem to still be stuck in the chair in front of the screen. Thats their grief not yours Sam don't worry about it. lol ...\8

Tala, Wizard of The Kingdom of BooBoBia, DEITY,

Apolybear 54M

6/17/2005 9:29 pm

Sam, everyone (except Tala) gets discouraged at times. Even the Good Doctor Eventually, that solid 3rd male will show up and life will be good again.

Does hubby help with the screening process? Why don't you let him conduct your search for you? (with you supervising of course...lol) In your profile, you could have him tell the guys that the two of you want 3somes. This might weed out some of the flake. It's worth a try...

lookin4fun12342 58M

6/18/2005 1:51 pm

I just saw your pictures and would be more than willing to accomodate. Let me know.

expatbrit49 62M

6/19/2005 4:23 am

AdultFriendFinder It seems strange to me we have women saying men dont show up and men saying women dont show up, Geeze you would think we could sort that out and all get on with having sex. Next time I am in Florida I will bring a string of pearls cuz I want to see that trick for real

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

patsam69 51M/51F

6/19/2005 12:57 pm

It;s not a trick expatbrit...It's just pure fun!

Jerosd 47M

6/19/2005 1:14 pm

damn shame i don't live closer to u2.....would be fun...hehehehhe

patsam69 51M/51F

6/21/2005 7:06 pm

it is too bad Jerosd. Cause I know I have drooled over your pics many, many times!

pakrat1 49M/48F
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10/7/2005 9:05 am

well sam you could do what we did the second time around. Was at a club, close to closing time and a guy showed interest in the wife. She had enough liquid courage for me to get her to ask the guy to dance. He agreed, they danced a couple of dances and were talking some (i was so horny watching her dancin with him). Closing in 15 minutes was called and the music stopped. Cheryl would look over at me often to see If I was watching and I would smile and nod. They stayed on the dance floor talking abit then Cheryl pointed in my direction and the guy looked over and sorta threw up his hand in a wave. they talked more and then came over and we talked and agreed to meet at our hotel room shortly and he walked away. Cheryl and I walked out and flirted and touched eachother in the parking lot waiting on the guy to show up at the car. He didn't show after 15 minutes so we started to leave, when Cheryl seen this guy with a cute round ass as we drove by him. She was like dayum that was nice ass, so I backed up to the guy and she asked him if she could squeeze his ass and he was delighted to turn and let her. We then asked him if he would like to join us in a 3som and he agreed eagrly, got into the car and off to the room we went. Pulled up to our room and there stood the first guy..I looked at Cheryl and asked are you ready and grinned...aliitle hesited she said sure. Got out asked the guys if they minded a mmfm and both agreed. Maybe I'll tell the rest at another time. (makes me horny typing it now) but feel as I go on and on and don't want to bore anyone and this is your blog anyway It was fun hehehe

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