MMMMM...Last Night  

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4/15/2005 7:38 pm

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MMMMM...Last Night

I lay on the bed waiting for you. The urge to be touched is so strong. I circle my nipples with the tip of my finger lightly...this feels great through my silky nightshirt. You come into the bedroom and see me there. You take off your shorts and lay on top of me. Your cock is already so hard...I feel it on my thigh...I love this feeling. I know you are watching me so I run my hands down my body to the top of my panties. You watch this intently. I know this will get you..I put my hands inside my panties and start to rub my let out a deep sigh, then lean over and kiss me. I kiss back...but I really want you to watch me. I so want to rub my pussy, and you be the voyuer. You get the hint...(you are so good at that)and get up and come around the bed to where my head is resting on the edge.

You put your cock right in my face. Yes, thank you, i would love to suck that delicious cock.

My mouth opens eagerly and you oblige my waiting tongue by placing what I want in my mouth. You fuck my mouth slowly. Your balls rub across my nose. I keep my eyes open so I can see it all.

I continue to rub my pussy inside my panties until I need more. I need these panties off. I release u from my mouth so I can take them down. You watch me with anticipation. You lean over my body..."Can I lick you?" you whisper.
"NO" I say. you let out a groan, but accept your fate. My hand goes back to work carressing my lips...swirling around my clit. You continue to watch. Your cock dangling over my face. I keep my head tilted back...straining my neck. I want to see it all. I love to look at your cock. I tell you..."rub it in my face" give me what I want. Your hand races to your cock...rubbing it right in my face. The tip carresses my lips. You rub precum on my lips to tease me with your taste. I am moaning like crazy now. You are driving me to the breaking point. I need to take my hand off my pussy or I will surely come...and I do not want thet...YET.

Then as if you are reading my mind, you lower your balls to my lips. I take them in..both of them. I gently suck at first, then harder. You are rubbing your cock furiously....My hand is going crazy on my clit...You have to stop rubbing......the cum is dripping from the tip..
I relase your balls for fear that we will both come. We are panting and moaning. Your sweat is dripping on my chest. After a few seconds, you lower those delicious balls to my lips again... and again, I suck them. But this time I suck them deep. I resume teasing my clit...I am holding myself on the edge, but sucking your balls and touching my pussy is becoming too much. I again release you for a break. your grab your cock and squeeze, so not to come.

I can not longer bear it. I suck your balls again while rubbing my clit hard....your hand is working your cock at the same rhythm. It is too much...your balls in my mouth, the veins of your cock practically pulsating on my face, my pussy soaking wet on my hand...I feel the waves wash over body keep saying.."yes, babe..oh yes" and at the end of my orgasm let go...your cock twitches on my face...your delicious cream shooting onto my lips, my cheeks, my chest. I sigh in complete satisfaction.

luvsgirls18up 41M
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4/20/2005 4:48 am

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