I am so lucky!  

patsam69 51M/51F
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7/8/2005 8:34 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I am so lucky!

Guess what guys! I just got an e-mail from the Captain of the olympic pussy tasting team. Yes...little old me...propositioned by the captain! I never thought this day would come. I could only hope...only dream...and now....It's finally happening. He also said that he had been to my town this week to have sex 2 times! I ask you...Could I be any luckier!! Wow! I have to go play lotto...cause it's my lucky day!

** I didn't pick a mood because super sarcastic was not listed!!!!

excited045 57M
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7/9/2005 1:14 am

love your pic!!!!! I wouldnt mind being on the recieving end sometime.Tell me when and where and Ill be there. I will acomadate you also!!!!!

AltumHunksUnite 53M

7/9/2005 5:14 am

No, I don't think you could be any luckier. As Betty Boop would say "Whata lucky goil!"

Let me drive. I like the view

play4fun3642 54M/48F

7/9/2005 11:55 am

awwww sam.... can I borrow that 4 leaf clover.... all I got from "Captain of the olympic pussy tasting team" was a wink ..... hmmmm maybe I'm the one who's lucky

Philosophy_N_Sex 49M/47F

7/9/2005 11:58 am

Oh my God!
Really! THE Captain! I am so happy for you! Damn we are green with envy! He was in your town to have sex twice before, and is now ready for you! My Goodness! How can the likes of Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Tom Cruise, and other hollywood studs have a chance against the Captain! Man you will be in the presence of royality. No offense but is your pussy worthy? Can it be satisfactory for the Captain? The Captain is such a sex machine, women are waiting in line taking numbers. You should also consider throwing out any rules you might have, and ignore your husbands wishes as well. I mean it is the Captain, you must make exception for the Captain! I am truely in awe of you both for being contaced by the Captain, we are living for that day! You will never be the same after THE Captain!

have a great weekend

Jerosd 47M

7/9/2005 3:11 pm

lol...did u ask if he would bring his gold medal..

Apolybear 54M

7/9/2005 5:23 pm

Hey Sam, It took me all of two minutes to come up that Captain of the Olympic pussy tasting team idea, and this is the thanks I get. Jeeeese…

Well, I assure you it wouldn’t take two visits to Brooksville to look you up sweetie

patsam69 51M/51F

7/9/2005 6:35 pm

P &S don't worry guys...after I am done with him ...you can have hin!!! LMAO!!! and believe me.....My pussy is sooo good, I am gonna pass over the Captain...cause I am waiting for the KING!!!! You KNOW one of these idiot men(sorry guys...not all of you)will email saying they are the king. At least its good for a laugh!

patsam69 51M/51F

7/9/2005 6:37 pm

play4fun.....yes...you ARE the lucky one....but hey, it was good blog material!

patsam69 51M/51F

7/9/2005 6:37 pm

Jerosd...believe me...I don't want to ask him anything!!!

patsam69 51M/51F

7/9/2005 6:39 pm

Thanks Bear! I know all men THINK those things...LOL...but thank goodness they don't all say them out loud! i am sorry he stole you line

patsam69 51M/51F

7/9/2005 6:40 pm

Cleavis.....I can DEFINITELY be luckier. and thank goodness I am!

expatbrit49 62M

7/10/2005 7:36 am

LOL man I wish I had thought of that its just too funnu

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