How much is in there?  

patsam69 51M/51F
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4/28/2005 5:55 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

How much is in there?

On monday night, hubby and I had sex. Just a quickie..he came once. On Tuesday he took off from work. We stayed in bed for a few hours...YUMMY.....and he came 3 times during this period. Then tuesday night..another quickie...he came once. Ejaculate continues to come out! LOL...Now I am an educated girl...I know that men are constantly making more..but you would think that after 5 ejaculations in 24 hours...things would be a little..well, um, drier?? Not with my guy!

rm_4nik8_4u 61M
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4/28/2005 7:36 am

Semenal fluid can be replaced fairly rapidly, however, after repeated ejaculations, the sperm count drops significantly. Why didn't I think of that approach before I got a vasectomy!

patsam69 51M/51F

4/28/2005 8:52 am

LOL 4nik8 I think the vasectomy is still the best way to go!

Apolybear 54M

4/28/2005 10:04 am

Men produce seminal fluid at different rates like women produce varying amounts of lubrication. Personally, if I come 5 times in a 24 hour period, it's just going to trickle out the fifth time. And, it's going to take longer to reach orgasm in round 5...

patsam69 51M/51F

4/28/2005 11:56 am

AAHHH Bear...but isn't that the fun of it??

DareDevil1LI 59M

4/28/2005 12:09 pm

Hubby does seem to have a deep well of the white creamy stuff to draw on!
Good for him, and fun for you.
I had a lover once who was unhappy with the dribbles of cum she'd been getting from her S.O.
I was happy to give a lot more of what she wanted.
Of course, when you're just 39 or so, I think it does replinish quickly. Like Apolybear, I doubt I could now produce repeated copious quantities.

rm_dandth 47M/38F
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5/4/2005 7:11 pm

We've tried to reach the end o fthe well just to see, but I guess that's what the refratcory period is all about, repleneshing supplies.

expatbrit49 62M

5/7/2005 9:27 am

Well the average guy shoots 14 gallons (thats Gallons) over the course of his life

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