Different strokes for differnt folks  

patsam69 51M/51F
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8/24/2005 10:32 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Different strokes for differnt folks

This morning my friend play4fun3642 called me at our usual the kids just got on the bus time of 8:30. She asked me if I had been on AdultFriendFinder last night and if I had looked at the cams. I said I had been...but no cam looking. She said she was having a problem viewing them. So, being the good friend that I am...I logged in and looked at cams. I had no problem getting on to see the cams...she tried also and got on. So at 8:45 a.m. I am looking at men stroking their cocks ...hey if they can stroke that early...I can watch, can't I? She and I were checking out the same guys. It was kinda fun. Anyway, I had 3 guys up on my screen right next to each other. All in the same computer chair stroking position. But all stroking quite differently. One guy was stroking slowly from his balls all the way to the tip...very nice. Another was just rubbing the middle of his cock, with his full hand encircling it. The third guy was holding his cock right in the middle with just his finger tips and moving very slightly up and down. This techniquie was odd to us. all were only using one hand. All were totally ignoring their balls. Such a shame. I love to watch a man stroke himself....but only if he is really into it. I love when they are stroking with one hand and rubbing or tuggingon their balls with the other. When they go slow then fast, teasing themselves. When they rub the tip...yes,show me that precum. MMMM...just the thought of it. YUMMY!!!
Although I enjoyed watching these three men, and they all had very nice cocks...They really weren't turning me on much. Well, 2 of them came. So play4fun and I hung up. The third guy was hanging in there...so I looked around for another. And boy did I find him! Gorgeous cock...great stroking motion. he rubbed his balls with his other had. I was mesmerized. He was ignoring the tip though, but I didn't hold that against him . his thighs were rocking abit as he stroked...awesome. I could
see him building up and then slowing down not to cum...His motion would get faster...he would stroke his balls his thighs would rock a bit more..I could see his balls tightening...Then he wouldslow down...he did this a few times...then as he did it again...he pulled up his shirt....I could tell he was gonna cum soon....I could almost hear him moaning...I wanted to whisper in his ear...Come on baby...give it to me ...let me see you cum....and then,,,,,He turned his freaking cam off!!!!!!!! DAMN!!! What a dissappointment. But...It was fun to watch him enjoy himself.

So guys...How do you stroke?

Philosophy_N_Sex 49M/47F

8/24/2005 12:27 pm

I never analyzed male motion. Even my own..
Now I could tell you how many ways women can work it

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8/24/2005 2:18 pm

I can't believe myself, I just got turned on reading your post. I never thought to look at how a guy strokes, one thing is for damn sure, I will from now on....thanks.
PS It makes me mad when they don't show their cum either.

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8/24/2005 2:22 pm

I can't believe myself, I got turned on just by reading your post. I never thought to look at how a man strokes himself, sure I've noticed if he likes ball play, but not the actually stroking; one things for damned sure, I will from now on. I too hate when they don't show their cum.

captaindischarge 45M

8/24/2005 4:36 pm

i need to use 2 hands, haha, i dont think i ever used just fingers, i like the whole hand with a firm grip, 2 fingers just aint enough on something that big, anyway, when i cant find nothing to stick it in, i use one firm hand, then entire hand, the left one,haha, even though i am right handed, thats kinda odd now that you made me think about it, maybe it feels like i am with someone differnt

play4fun3642 54M/48F

8/24/2005 4:53 pm

Sam, Sam ,Sam..... how many times have I told you ...when you see a nice cock on cam..... CALL ME!!!! lol.... well.... I too did some pervin w/out you & saw this man.... nice thick, long cock.... so long that as he stroked it with 2 hands.... he was able to lick the tip of his head.... OMG it was so hot... I know I can't be the only woman who thinks this is hot......& I know every man has tried this on himself or said at one time or another, "man I wish I could" lol...
I enjoyed our morning call/cam session....lol.... & well I am a fan of a man that likes to stroke his cock with his entire hand...while the other roams his body < balls, inner thighs, nipples... yummy! >

I'll call you @ 8:30

patsam69 51M/51F

8/25/2005 5:29 am

P N S ...well...take note...and then share!! C'mon...do it for the good of mankind. O.K. ...just do it for my obscene curiosity

patsam69 51M/51F

8/25/2005 5:32 am

Admiral...thanks for sharing your technique. I am curious as to what you do for a living that would make you want to stroke at work?
Do you carry a bottle of vaseline intensive care in your pocket? LOL

Creamypuddles...my husband just loves your name!! He thinks it shot. I am glad my post turned you on, and turned you onto something new. I am glad there are more women who can appreciate the way a mna strokes!

patsam69 51M/51F

8/25/2005 5:35 am

Captain...yeah, yeah...it's big...we get it!!! GEEZ...you guys and your size! that is funny...makes me feel like I am with someone different. BUt that comment...If I can't find anything to stick it in? Being a woman...that just made me feel warm and fuzzy all
over <---extreme sarcasm. that was just plain nasty.

patsam69 51M/51F

8/25/2005 5:37 am

Play...It's 8:35 where are you?
I am glad that we share the joy of watching men stroke themselves...as we share so many other things.

Philosophy_N_Sex 49M/47F

8/25/2005 9:03 am

Everyday People (different strokes, for different folks)
Sly and The Family Stone

Sometimes I'm right and I can be wrong
My own beliefs are in my song
The butcher, the banker, the drummer and then
Makes no difference what group I'm in
I am everyday people, yeah yeah
There is a blue one who can't accept the green one
For living with a fat one trying to be a skinny one
And different strokes for different folks
And so on and so on and scooby dooby doo-bee
Oh sha sha - we got to live together

I am no better and neither are you
We are the same whatever we do
You love me you hate me you know me and then
You can't figure out the bag l'm in
I am everyday people, yeah yeah
There is a long hair that doesn't like the short hair
For bein' such a rich one that will not help the poor one
And different strokes for different folks
And so on and so on and scooby dooby doo-bee
Oh sha sha-we got to live together

There is a yellow one that won't accept the black one
That won't accept the red one that won't accept the white one
And different strokes for different folks

Sorry I could not resist

captaindischarge 45M

8/25/2005 6:52 pm

btw, i wasnt refering to women when i said "nothing to stick it in", i meant like a hole in the wall, warm apple pie, icebox, i know a woman is not a "thing", but anyway, there is that 2 sided part, i am like those rice crispy treats i think they were, frosty white on one side and black and nasty on the other, or however the hell that commercial used to go..

AmberSolaire 42M

8/25/2005 7:41 pm

Where do I start ? are we allowed utensils and vacuum cleaners.lol
Actually funny you should bring this subject up as I have recently noticed I have changed technique without even knowing why.

Now whenever I am about to cum, I find myself switching to a two handed kneading motion.Working my way right the way from tip to base, then thrusting my hips as I reach the top.

The funny thing is I dont know when I started this or why!

luckywithladeez 49M
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8/26/2005 2:51 am

You'll have to ask Anita that question (she's the one on top in my pick). By the way, this is really turning her on.

patsam69 51M/51F

8/26/2005 4:15 am

captain....o.k....I believe you Sorry I got my back up on that one. I can't remeber how the commercial goes either...but ...There is nothing wrong with having 2 sides. I think we all do...some more than 2!

patsam69 51M/51F

8/26/2005 4:18 am

Amber....vacuum cleaners may hurt!! LOL ...although I did attach the shop vac to my husbands nipple once....but it was a joke...not having sex at the time.

You say it's funny you don't know how your new technique started....but when I read it and pictured it....I was NOT laughing at all! Sounds quite yummy. Hip thrust + 2 hands + VERY HOT

patsam69 51M/51F

8/26/2005 4:19 am

Amber....vacuum cleaners may hurt!! LOL ...although I did attach the shop vac to my husbands nipple once....but it was a joke...not having sex at the time.

You say it's funny you don't know how your new technique started....but when I read it and pictured it....I was NOT laughing at all! Sounds quite yummy. Hip thrust + 2 hands = VERY HOT

rm_vixenflir 58M
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8/26/2005 6:11 am

Hot post Sam! Personally I'm just a regular 'whole hand wrap-a-rounder' and the best for me is well lubed and goin' all the way up the shaft until the head pops out the back side of the fist - then back down and slowly. Love to squeeze on my balls with increasing pressure if I'm not rushed to build up then back off. Favorite = getting to the very edge several times, then stopping just as the load starts to spill = a huge amount will just cum out without having the orgasm - rest a few seconds then stroke on through an orgasm where whats left will unload. Geeez! I sound like a professional at this???

On another note, there seems to be ALOT of woman on this site who not only don't want to see cock shots - but absolutly don't want to see cum shots! Maybe its a real-time V.S. still shot thing??? Steve

patsam69 51M/51F

8/26/2005 10:16 am

Hey Steve...I like to see cock shots...but I do prefer body and face at first...but cock does not upset me at all!! I do like to watch men stroke...but I suppose I have my preferences with that too. You sound like you really enjoy yourself when you have time...and that is what is HOT. Really getting into it...not just a quick pump fest. I love to give my hubby a hand job or blow job and bring him to the edge many times and watch the cum just dribble out. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!

MisterPriapus 56M
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8/26/2005 8:07 pm


For the longest time, it was Right handed, with some testicular assistance from The Left occasionally

(Cue opening theme music from 2001: A Space Odyssy )

Then came A dubF! And with the dawning of this new age came an entirely new method of self-pleasurization! (And, not-so-incidentally a new skill-set developed in tandem: One-Handed typing)

I like to use an over-hand grip of the Left hand: where my thumb is pointing down, back toward me (despite classical interpretation of the gesture, I have to give this stroke a solid thumb‘s up!) The stroke varies: sometimes knurling the knob, sometimes tugging down to the base, pulling the skin extra-taut. Shorter strokes down at the base, in the middle, up at the head. Long strokes from the base, up to the glans, then passing over into a Western Grip on my way back down the other side… back n forth in that manner is very pleasant.

And never forget the balls! Kneading & rolling, tugging the sac, massaging and tickling the Taint… sure is hard avoiding lotion transfer to the keyboard hand sometimes! All of which is especially nice when I’m freshly shaved…

And, as previously mentioned, the big build-up falling just short of the Happy Ending, cooling down the nerve endings for a moment, picking things up where I left off thru several iterations. When I finally allow myself the money shot, it's immense and immensely gratifying!

I especially enjoy showing off when I know there are women watching, couples, too. It’s even a turn on when there’s a gaggle of men tuned in- the problem is, usually they’re the only ones who want to chat, and while some of the admiring comments don’t exactly bruise my ego any, that’s not what I’m here for!

But wtf, I get to enjoy a little exhibitionism among consenting adults, with little risk of being picked up for being in decent exposure!


Been a while since they last let me out into polite society. Resurfacing, catching a breath, & catching up.

And while I got my Broad-Brimmed Pimping Hat on, could I cajole all of y'all to Comment on, Alone In A Cloud? It's probably the best thing that I've written!



patsam69 51M/51F

8/27/2005 8:17 am

MisterP...LOL..u are too funny! My husband likes the thumb pointing down twisting motion too! He doesn't do it to himself, but I do it to him...and he loves it!!

I guess you are a real exhibitionist! It shouldn't matter who is watching...It is great that you are so open like that! and remember...It's only a money shot if you are getting paid to do it!...Are ya?

toothysmile 50M
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8/27/2005 5:23 pm

How about stroking with your feet?
May require a few yoga courses, but may prove worthwhile in the long run? lol

rm_dbcatman 69M
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8/27/2005 6:07 pm

I use two fingers underneath and my thumb over the top. I usually work the tip hard and then work the shaft. Some times I play with my balls. Some times I use two hands. Left hand on my shaft, right hand on my tip. I usually masturbate laying on my back and shoot my cum onto my chest.

rm_manspace2 48M
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8/29/2005 9:42 am

well I like to use my whole hand i like to grab the head and start stroking slow and work up and down my shaft i like to use my other hand to rub my balls and other parts

CharlestonWVGuy 42M

8/31/2005 8:41 am

I like to stroke myself while on cam here on AdultFriendFinder or sometimes Yahoo, though Yahoo's cam service is kinda choppy. Most of the time I use just one hand with a firm grip, my cock lying between the nuckles and first joints of the fingers. I honestly don't rub my balls much, unless several people are watching, try to give them a bit of a better show, then I'll use both hands; rubbing my balls with one or double stroking my cock (though I don't really have enough to double stroke, lol). When I get some pre-cum, I'll use just a finger or two and rub it over the head of my cock or rub it around the rim, especially underneath where the rim comes back together (very sensative spot on me). If I get enough pre-cum, or sometimes I'll use saliva, I'll glide my hand over my cock, twisting as I move my hand up and down, that feel REALLY good. Doing that brought me to another technique I love. I call it the "motorcycle motion." I don't know much about motorcycles, but at least the old ones, the throttle was a twist grip on one of the handle bars. I'll sometimes grab my cock and twist on it like that, that also feels really good.

rm_joaquinwood 32M

9/10/2005 1:02 pm

I like to stroke and be stroked as you describe it, with one hand on my cock and the other on my balls, first slow until precum starts coming out, and then faster, rubbing the tip, until it all explodes. I also like female watchers (I had a mexican girl who liked to watch me play on the cam, but she doesn't connect any more, so I've lost my audience!). If you would like to contact with me please add me on the msn messenger (AdultFriendFinder) or join me to your network. I am new on this page so I would be glad if some females joined me to their network, I feel lonely with no contacts!

slaveb4 41M
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9/16/2005 10:04 am

Sam you are super cool. I'm new and not very up to date on technique...but just reading your blog made me hot. I will pay more attention to my style/technique from now on. If I can get my webcam to broadcast maybe folks could review my work.

rm_ImNotRoss 47M

10/3/2005 2:23 pm

Often and with variable motions.....lots of lube.....prefer to be stroked however.

MillsShipsGayly 51M

10/9/2005 6:44 am

Different strokes eenfor the same bloke

1. There is the stroking technique in the shower in the morning if I have time (standing, quick, lots of hip movement, one handed)

2. With a woman face-to-face when she wants to see it, feel it and help it. There it is often, two handed, ball tugging (light), swirling ocuses change from short strong strokes at the tip to long slow ones)

3. Then there is my less frequent but xxxHOT kind where I set aside an hour and stroke getting to the edge and stopping, to the edge and stoppping etc. This is usually accompanied by watching cams or porn and the entire intent is to build up to a massive explosion. I have hit my face on several occasions doing this and it is a nice change of pace shall we say

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