my life as a hustler !  

patpatbomb 40M
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5/29/2006 2:34 am
my life as a hustler !

yes, indeed, i'm new to blog.

29.05.06 - today i came by chance on this column thru a good friend of mine. i wud say its an experience for me.

i'm a malaysian male residing in kl. its boring enuf to not making new women friends for whatever reason. i'm no gay and i'm straight with many years of experience. looking back, i mean nothing really beats seeing a vivacious woman walking in the streets of kl. but the nitelife is extremely exciting noting that sometimes its difficult to figure out the real women and the transexuals who is making a big impact in these waterholes along jalan p. ramlee, u know where.

if you women out there from kl, pj or shah alam has any comment, pls be welcomed to make any comment on my blog.

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