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8/2/2005 7:57 am

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This morning whilst taking a walk
As was always my everyday habit
An old lady asked me for a talk
She gave me a loud hail
Then told this tale
Of a lovable large pinkish rabbit

She bade me sit and carried on
Smiling secretly
Here’s a tale to worry you
Said the old crone to me
About a pinkish rabbit who had this habit
To go out on a hunting spree

The rabbit was battery sleek
Cumming out twice a week
To cross over fields and furrow
But when it got dark
The buck found its mark
And powered its way into a burrow

Now one day it was out and ready to flout
At any that got in its way
And there in thick bush
Move aside with a push,
Was a hole the size of cave

To late came the cry of some watching guy
As pink rabbit went in and then….
Cave mouth snapped tight
Rabbits’ ears went out of sight
Into the terrible den

Pink rabbit was a beast
But is now, sexually deceased
And never was seen again!

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