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8/2/2005 1:25 pm

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Thus; in my seeking I am the honey-bird
Ever in wanton need to sup a flower's dew
Within a tender sigh is my soft song heard
Do I fly to sip from orchid's osmosis stew

As in eve's falling light does the garden bed
Blue blankets do petals fold as warm enclose
The sweet stamen from which my need is fed
Where a soft honeyed tongue seeks juice-flows

Gentle are my lips in a most tender display
To chirp-kiss the call of a thrilled mating game
And honeyed is the tongue which instigates play
Coax-dampen petals to open in love's name

Does a pale moon sigh as the clasping unfolds
Sweet scented pollen is the fine nectar's bliss
So unresisting now as the passion takes a hold
Blue Orchid surrenders to a sweet tasting kiss

In succulent sacrifice rises up the stamen's stake
Meeting in kiss a tipped arrow of arousal's blood
Drink I deep from a fountain's precious make
And swim in sweet passion's waters as they flood

Come stygian night and depart me from this flower
Her petal-eyes are drawn in satisfaction's tight
This drink of divinity was all of emotion's power
Thus are my flower and I drunk on love's delight

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