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8/3/2005 1:28 am

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And you were there, in tempting light
So did I love you in my waking hours
In my dreams, you comforted every night
That I never had time to kiss the flowers.

In this way was my mind for you alone
Your look and sweet smile, your very scent
I breathed for you in fond love full grown
With only eyes for you, of passion's intent.

I followed your path through gardens play
And watched as you lipped a soft red rose
Among the poppies, with them did you sway
The way you touched the pale lilac in pose

As you taught me to love, then to miss you
I find peace in the garden, in day's happy hours
In memories of how I would gently kiss you
And how you taught me to kiss the flowers.

I would whisper your name in woodland grove
See your eyes alight in bluebell's fairy showers
You are in floral dress everywhere my fancy rove
Everywhere, where I touch and kiss the flowers.

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