The Manish -Womanish-Dictionary On AFF - an attempt  

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10/27/2005 6:40 am

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The Manish -Womanish-Dictionary On AFF - an attempt

Great. This is the hindered linguist coming up again inside of me. It is an old a very very very old topic - the communication between man and woman. I humped myself around in bed last night thinking about how to write this. Why actually do I get no MONEY for writing it in the first place?

But this is not the question.

Ok, I just had a special case maybe. And this did it. Maybe I in a way found the female version of Womanish here? So to say XXXL-Womanish? The hardcore-fem-speak? A pretty young woman struck my eye, and just like most of us men are like, I immediately clicked on her profile. The woman was a lesbian. No prob about that, but she said in her profile that the lady she looks for should have " a good character ".

This methinks could by now even then be some ultimate version of Womanish. Even more away from a manīs way to put things than from a womanīs. So to say even a bit too femaly put for the regular woman? Or am I wrong? Are there woman who stress that the man should have a good character? This is beyond my knowledge and imagination. I can only say what it would mean if a man said so. Which does not mean that I am right. Linguistics are descriptive in modern times, not prescriptive anymore. The mothertoungue speaker is always right, this is the credo of linguists worldwide. And if you make it clear to yourself that Manish and Womanish is actually superlingual, that a man might speak French, but not Spanish, but that he always speaks Manish, then there is no right or wrong but the mere observation.

Ok, back to the example: she looked for a woman with a good character.. Hm. What on Earth is that supposed to mean?????
A dog can have a good character - maybe. A horse could have - maybe. As far as men are concerned these are the possible meanings of "good character". Furthermore I do not understand why she is stressing it. Are there people who look for an exclusively BAD character? For someone who bitches around, sets your doggy on drugs, steals and may even eventually murder you after a night of passionate love-making? To me it sounds a bit like "the person that I look for should have 46 chromosomes" oh really... wow you can be lucky that you found such a person down here on planet earth, my god...
Or is it that someone would answer "Iīm sorry, I would contact you, but Iīm afraid I have a charcter way too bad..." ? So a bit of a doubt about stressing it in the first place - who would admit that he or she has a bad character - especially if he does have a bad one??
A character furthermore cannot be influenced anyway. It is the way it is. Behaviour can be influenced - but not the character itself.. this I meant by the chromosome example above.

So is this idiom to be found in the dictionary of Womanish exclusively? I doubt it, I remember men who wanted a woman who would have "a good character". But on the other hand this is long ago. Whatever it means - scetchy it is at any rate.

Now maybe you wonderful ladies out there could tell me the meaning of this? Letīs skip the mocking: I really do not understand.

A very good example for the difference between Womanish and Manish is the word "cute". Or "süß" in German.
Look, Ladies, when we tell you that you are cute, then we do because we speak a bit of Womanish. It is because we know what it means for you. But NOT because WE find you cute. Even more: IF we do - you are in trouble. Serious trouble. That is in case you want to get a bit more physical with us. In Manish "cute" means something entirely different.

For a man a puppy is cute. A kitten. A tiny rabbit. A little boy or girl. Maybe even a grandma or a granddad who somehow touches your heart. But all this does not only mean that by incident all these subjects are out of discussion for sex too - no ! "Cute" is the male DESCRIPTION for something with which you would NEVER have sex !!! Would you have sex with a child? Certainly not, unless you are some peverse pedophile who should serve a life-sentence.
So this is the clear definition of "cute" for a man. No discussion! Btw, having sex with a rabbit does not change things really... I myself would not want to in the first place like certainly most of my fellow-males, and even if so, it is forbidden to have sex with animals - at least in my country.
Someone who is cute must be protected. Now, someone I have sex with, I cannot protect. Not during the time I have sex with her. Maybe it is due to the male lack of the ability to multitask -but to make love and, at the same time, kick and punch any aggressors, with the body parts that remain free for such actions, is hardly practicable for a male.
Secondly: you can not abuse the situation of someoneīs helplessness - who you therefore protect - in order to have sex with her. It does not go together with the instinct for protecting someone weak. Or in other words: we again lack the ability to multitask, in this case to follow more than one instinct at the same time. Well, you can yet have sex with a helpless person. But in this case you are into sub and dom.
Sooo... we are a bit cleverer nowadays on the y-chromosome-side of the world about your lingo, ladies, and we do have a glimpse of what you mean, but if you call a man "cute" heīd better have some knowledge of Womanish. Things alas will still get difficult when you pamper a man like a baby. Being a baby and having sex does not go together for a man.
If it does - hmm... would make me wonder about that guy...

However: the Dictionary for Womanish and Manish is opened now. How much does the gender influence the language? That it does is proved - but what are the "false friends" in the one or the other gender-lingo ? What are the traps for us?
So if you have any comments, questions etc or if you have found another example for "one word - two meanings", feel free to place it here!

I look forward to your participation !!!

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