Neanderthals on AFF  

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10/17/2005 7:18 am

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Neanderthals on AFF

Ok, to get this straight: noone is perfect. I myself sometimes start being sarcastic, cynical and arrogant. As a matter of fact I am arrogant. I cannot see any use in being a Bimbo, who sells himself under his value. And of course it is ME who determines the value, noone else lol. I especially am rude if I dislike something, someone, and don´t feel like iggying him or her. And I allow myself this "fault". Btw: I never made the experience that being nice had a positive effect on mating. Why should it, and nice women mostly have a negative effect on my libido in return.

BUT: however there are basics. I find it striking that some people lack these. Especially Germans have a faible for it, in chat rooms. They enter, don´t say a thing and even do not answer to a mere hello. They do not say a thing while being in the room, and they do not say Good bye neither when they leave.
The Neanderthal is situated close to, or by now in, Düsseldorf. Which is in Germany. And somehow I have got the odd feeling that not all of those prehistoric humanoids have really died out. They seem to have adapted to present human looks, and have survived in secrecy.
Late research has shown that the Neanderthal was a social being. Is it that being antisocial provided these creatures with the chance of survival? Do we deal with the exception? Did all the nice Neanderthals die out because they were nice enough to give their partners to some sex craving Homo Sapiens? As a consequence, did those who lacked such overdone social competence survive as they did not hand over their parntners? Or did they in a way submit to the Sapiens, for mere egoistic reasons?
We might never know. Maybe Erik will find an answer on one of his expeditions, but I doubt it.

There´s a theory that the Neanderthal lacked the physical provisions for language. This contradicts, however, the fact that he had survived for such a long time. There must have been ways of communication, a social being could have never survived without.

Nevertheless, this brings us some closer to the possible background of the phenomenon. There are humanoids who have an opening line like "Any ladies wanna fuck?" on AdultFriendFinder. The ultimate starter - yesterday - up to now has been "WOMEN???". I took out peanuts and bananas in the attempt to feed this being, but alas he left and went back into the jungle where he had come from. Maybe some beast was about to get hold of his stocks of food and he had to defend those, maybe it was something else.
The Neanderthals are yet different. If they are the survived, as atypical, version of the usual Neanderthal, it may well be that they also lack language, that they are not able to produce any.

So this could be the answer. The modern Neanderthal longs for the company of Homo Sapiens. Tragically he or she is not able to do something which makes him or her a member of the group. So all that is left to them is enter a room in dumb silence, sit and stare at the desired and silently leave again, frustrated because of a new failure. A failure which never will be the last one, alas.
We face the tragedy of evolution, here on AdultFriendFinder. It is around us every day, and let us all hope that we will find a way to deal with it somehow.

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10/22/2005 4:03 pm

hugs honey ,my very own sweet malaka

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welcome to Blogsville....

Hugz E.

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