the circle's mountain getaway.  

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7/4/2005 10:51 am

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the circle's mountain getaway.

well we have returned from the mountains and i gotta say, IT WAS
HOT!!!!, for those who missed out, sorry but be sure to catch the
next shin-dig for sure!.
i took some really great photos so feel free to check them out in
the photos gallery.
the cabin was beautiful, secluded so no one could hear us scream,
and believe me it was a LOT of screaming!!
the women of 360 came with both barrels on the men, we started out
in the hottub where sargepuss commanded and oral assault on the men,
i tell u if u ever get a chance to be served orally by 5 sexy women
make sure its done several times, the men sat in a circle in the hot
tub as each woman went from one man to the other, it was a oral
fantasy beyond belief! then it was the mens turn to retaliate,
needless to say the return favor was taken with open... well u know.
then as the night moved on and the hottub was pretty much drained
out with so many bodies, we took the party indoors, the cabin was a
5 bedroom house of adult fun, i have not heard so many different
sexual sounds in one place!
there was 3-somes 4-somes, groups, girl on girl action everywhere,
hugh hefner had nothing on this ebony playboy getaway!! the drinks
were poured the passion was in the air and sex echoed within the
halls and ceilin of the wooden dormatory, then came the game, sex
roulette, no no one got shot but it was a lot of "guns" going off!
so much licking and sucking and touching, my own senses were too
much to handle, but just when u thought the fun was over, it was
time for "guess the headjob" thats right both men and women were
blindfolded, then serviced orally and we had to guess who it was,
needless to say it was a game not to be forgotten by all!!
soon we all found ourselves soakin again in the hot tub as hands
wandered the erotic feelin was felt by all and we all retired to
prepare for the next evenings adult fun and pleasures.
now of course im not gonna tell you about the whole trip, then you
who didnt make it wouldnt be curious of the next set.
anyway i wanna give thanks and salut to the 360 club that were able
to attend
T,Mr.G,and last but not least atallmanforyou) the love was felt thru
out the group.
cant wait for the next set.

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7/5/2005 1:03 am


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