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serious cybersex

I little bit of my erotic writing ...

She had gone and unlocked the door, and settled back in her familiar computer chair. He told her to stay on the computer. She heard him let himself in, she had never had an audience before and it made her nervous. Then came his words just over her shoulder. She could feel his breath on her neck, just below her ear. The words rolled across her skin like heated waves.
“Don’t stop on my account darling, don’t let me distract you”, He said as he placed his hands gently on her shoulders.
Her fingers stopped as her mind caught up. She noticed that as she stopped, so did he. He made her crazy. She wanted his touch, but knew that she also didn’t want to concentrate on anything else. She forced herself to respond to the gruff individual on the other side of the internet. And felt his fingers trace her collarbones as they made their way for the top button of her blouse. She made her response fit his actions. She typed how she was slowly undressing, as he slowly undressed her.
She knew the gent on the other end of the computer was heated, due to the lack of response. But she knew it was nothing compared to the pure heat she felt as he traced the outline of her bra around her sides, with just his fingertips. She was full of anticipation, as he pushed her forward.
And he stopped, her mind flooded. She looked at the keys, felt how cool the air had become on her heated body. She started typing almost too quickly. She struggled to regain composure. She described more, and she felt more. He unclasped her bra, and slid the straps over her shoulders. And she felt his wet lips touch her. As he kissed the top of her shoulder at the base of her neck she was run through with an electric shiver.
He came around the front of the chair, a wry smile on his face. He discarded his jacket in a heap on the floor, and extended a hand to her. Samantha was sure her eyes were like that of a deer in the headlights. But she followed his lead, she placed her hand in his letting chair roll back as she rose. She started to open her mouth to speak, but he placed a finger to her lips before she uttered a sound. He bent down, reached up under her skirt and removed her panties in an almost fluid motion. It was quick and she grabbed a hold of his shoulders as he walked her out of them. He turned her away from him and walked her to the computer. She heard his body shift as he sat in her chair. He hiked her skirt to the top of her thighs as he rolled the chair under her and pulled her down on his lap.
He kissed her back slowly and kept his hands on her waist. She felt his breath as he spoke, “I think someone is waiting for you”. Only then did she notice the screen, and the words from her internet suitor ‘are you there?’
She wanted more, but knew it was on his terms. This was his game, and she was beginning to like it. She was beginning to realize the rules, and thinking that she could easily have fun with this game. So she began to caress the keyboard.
‘I am here hun, I took off my bra and got a little lost in squeezing and playing with my perky tits’, she felt his hands graze her sides as they slide up to cup her breast. His fondled her heated flesh with his strong hands. He ran his hand over her, cupping her, catching her nipples between his fingers. He squeezed them, rolled them between his fingers. And she almost lost it when he flicked his tongue up the crease of her back.
She continued to type, to tell her internet friend how she would touch herself for him. Yearning for the touch of the man that sat beneath her or her chair. He continued to knead and play with her right breast as he ran his fingertip down across her belly, slowly just barely grazing her skin. He continued to lap his tongue down her back making her lean forward. Making it almost impossible to type. She realized how heavy her breath had become with his manipulations and she used it. She typed her moans on the computer. With small hints of what she would do for her internet friend, all the time wanting to do all this and more for her visitor.
She was typing ‘mmmm’ across the screen and trying to reach behind her to touch him, when she felt his hand on the inside of her thigh. She could feel how hard he had become, at the base or her spine and when he touched her she knew how wet she had become. He slid his finger the length of her wetness before penetrating her. She lost all thoughts of the keyboard. She heard herself moan and felt her back curl as he entered her again and again with his fingers. He leaned back pulling her back onto him in the middle of a moan. His fingers deep inside her, one hand on her breast holding her against him. He flicked his tongue up the side of her neck and nibbled on her ear. The multi stimulation had her mind reeling. Unable to concentrate on an on part of it, then came his words. “I want to hear you cum for me.”
It was a request, it was a statement, it was exactly what she wanted to do. He held her tightly, licking and kissing her ear, moving his finger in and out of her. She was amazed that she could feel like this. He ran his fingertips across her clit sending flames into her body. He ran circles around it, played with it, sliding his fingers into her only to return. She bit her lip, tried to contain herself only to hear his urging, “I want to hear everything you feel, don’t hold back”
She obeyed, she nearly screamed as he continued unrelenting. She moaned and panted. And he talked to her. Adding to the stimulation. “Tell me you like it”
She heard herself almost gurgle the words, “Oh god, yes … yes … Oh, I like it.”
He could feel her back arch, and could hear the moan caught in her throat. She was on the edge of pleasure. Just as she began to cum, he pushed his fingers deep inside her, gently bit her ear and held her tightly as the waves of passion ran through her body. She was racked with pleasure. She felt how wet she was as he withdrew his fingers and felt the cool air of her apartment as it hit the sweat that glistened on her body.
He slid her from the chair to the floor. On his knees he slowly unbuttoned his shirt and discarded it near the pile of clothing he had stripped her of. John leaned forward putting his arms under her thighs. He began to kiss his way from the inside of her knee, wet kisses, sometimes lightly biting her soft flesh. Flicking his the tongue down the inside of her thigh. Suckling on the inside base of her thigh. She grabbed at the short carpet as if she needed to anchor herself to the floor. She gasped as she felt his hot tongue enter and slide up the length of her pussy. He started slowly, exploring all that she had to offer and then started to concentrate on all the spots that made her crazy. She felt her back arch and her breathing become erratic. He held her thighs apart as her muscles involuntarily tightened from the sensations. He flicked his tongue in circles around her clit, moving his face with the rhythm of her rocking pelvis. She felt herself slipping, felt herself going over the edge. He sank his tongue into her, to break the cycle. He kissed her thighs, long, wet sucking kisses.
As he kissed her thighs, she heard him pull his belt from his pants and felt him fumble with his zipper. She would have froze if it weren’t his lips and tongue slowly making their way up her body. It had been so long, and never been this good. She had fleeting thoughts of stopping him, but as he bit and kisses her breasts with the ferocity of a hungry beast, they melted away.
He was between her thighs as he kissed her neck and ears. She couldn’t protest even if she had still wanted to. He ran his fingers through her hair from the back of her neck, grabbing a fist full and pulling her head back as he licked her lips. He used the other hand to guide his cock. Parting her slowly, rubbing the tip the length of her. Teasing her, he flicked his tongue along her lips as he ran the head of his cock around her again swollen clit. She moaned deeply.
He lowered his aim, and slowly entered her. Just enough to make her gasp, and then he kissed her hard and deep. As he withdrew his tongue he thrust himself into her.
He let her hair go as her head fell back and her back arched. With both hands free he grabbed her wrists and held them to either side and began to drive himself into her. She wrapped her legs around his hips as he started to pull from her. The initial penetration had set her on fire. She didn’t even recognize the sounds that escaped her, as her own. He pushed himself deep into with her every thrust and she used her legs to pull herself on to him even further. They worked as one, as a machine. It had been so long and it had never been so good. She felt his every movement. The thoughts flew through her mind … she barely knew him … he intrigued her, mind and body … she wanted everything he had to offer.
He slowed the pace and pulled almost out, he released one wrist and reached back to discard his pants. Releasing her other wrist he grabbed hold of her waist and pull her towards him sliding again deep inside her. He wrapped his arms around her, and sitting up he pulled her with him. He slid his hands under her ass and pulled her across his thighs, rocking slightly to increase the motion. He bit the top of her shoulder and side of her neck as he used his strength and gravity to perpetuate their lovemaking.
He stopped kissing her and she could hear his breath. As she caught her breath, she bent her head down to face him. John looked into her eyes. Her whole body throbbed with the relentless motion and the overflowing passion. She could see his ecstasy and she wanted nothing more than his release. She tightened her muscles as best she could without driving herself immediately crazy. He pulled her quicker. Thrusting his throbbing member even deeper into her. They were nearly one. She could feel he was about to explode. She could feel herself losing control as their bodies slammed together. Every thrust was bringing her nearly to the edge. She heard his throaty moan and felt him erupt inside her and it was all she wanted. It triggered her and she overflowed. And the tremors ran through both their bodies like the aftershocks of a cataclysmic earthquake.
He gently fell forward sliding her down his thighs to the floor, but not breaking their union. He ran his tongue up her body tasting the sweat that drenched them both. He lay his head on her chest. She knew he could hear her heart as it still raced, her body shaking, and breath as she attempted to calm it with little success.
They seem to lie there forever, even though it was only moments. John slide to the side and onto one knee. He scooped her up into his arms and headed for the darkened hall. She didn’t even speak, she simply pointed to the bedroom. He pushed the door open and crossed the room, setting her gently on the bed. She pulled the covers down and slid inside and offered the open covers to him. He climbed into the bed and over to her. He pulled her close and wrapped his arms around her. It was only moments before they slept in each others arms

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