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10/2/2005 7:35 pm

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While cleaning old files from the computer, I was amused by pictures of the strangest things.
I wonder if Absolut Vodka advertising would like to use the pic of my hoo hoo with one of their bottles sticking out of it? You can read the label, it was only in a little. lol
The Diet Mountain Dew bottle has the label turned the wrong way. (no, it was not a 2-liter)
Men love to put things in coochies. If they have a camera they will take photos.
Am I the only person that thinks this is funny?


10/2/2005 11:29 pm

you mean to say, U had pics of bottles in ur snatch--and u didn't post em? and u call urslf "slutty" LOL!
Correct me if I’m wrong but no woman ever saw a pic of a guy sticking his dick in a knot hole a thot “hmm he likes it, maybe I can talk him into doing that to me” , but guys look @ girls being stuffed as an affirmation “SHE WANTS IT!” and I wont have any trouble. I’ll bet I get more use out of one of ur bottle shot (during a self session), than u wld seeing me w/ my cock in a fence, am I right.
I always say there is no more endearing sight in nature than a willing woman, eagerly impaling herself and cunt on…just about anything…but especially me!
Plz tellus u save pic to disk, u sld think about posting!

partystarslut 50F

10/3/2005 6:17 am

Thank you for that perspective. You have such a good point. I forget how differently men and women think.

I'm pretty sure I have that picture on a cd.

I haven't posted it because I think it is silly. However, I will think about it today while I'm working at the Absolut Vodka Bottling Plant. Lmao.

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