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parkingspacereq 45M
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8/7/2006 4:16 am

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8/10/2006 5:24 am

tell me

i'm off on a wee business trip down south this week, head off early tomorrow morning and return thursday night i think, and i need your help.
what shall i eat whilst i'm away.
tell me the type of restaurant to go to and i shall visit it if there is one near by.
when i get back i shall let you know lol
one night is more than like ly to be a take away probably on thurs night, and i expect it to be an indian
uncle pxxx

Sulabula 45F
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8/7/2006 12:49 pm

Depends on where you are going

Sula xxx

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parkingspacereq 45M

8/7/2006 2:02 pm

just the type of food and not actual restaurants please

amber3471 45F

8/7/2006 2:37 pm

Seafood yummmmmmmy


IrishKev 40M
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8/8/2006 12:05 am

Pasta rocks!

parkingspacereq 45M

8/10/2006 5:24 am

pasta rocks - do they hurt your teeth ???????

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