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9/26/2005 11:50 am

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What do you think?

Hello, glad you stopped by. I have all kinds of ideas about life. I write two other blogs on various subjects so I thought why not here? Sex has always been important to me (what a surprise). I guess thats why I joined this site. I LOVE women. Actually I want to find that special someone, but until I do I would enjoy meeting differnt ladies for friendship and fun. Now when I say "Friendship" I mean like real friendship not "hello how are you where is your bedroom". Of course the fun part would include sex. I actually want to get to know the women that contact me. For me sex is so much more fun if A. You know the perosn & B. you know what they like sexually. There is a certain amount that should be left to the actual encounter of course but all in all knowing the person is a must.

Thats what I think
What do you think?


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