Sex in a thunder storm  

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7/4/2005 3:41 pm

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Sex in a thunder storm

It's a very hot mid afternoon in NY. You and I are hanging out on my roof smoking cigarettes and talking it up a bit. The clouds start to get darker as a strong breeze hits the air. The sky starts to rumble oh so gently as lightening streaks off in the distance. The thunder now is becoming louder as rain drops develop. We're both still standing there starring at each other wondering what to do next..

As you turn toward the ladder to go back down I grab you and start to kiss you. The rain is now getting heavier and my heart is beating really fast. Your lips taste so good as the rain drips down your face. The skies seem so ominous and threatening in there darkened state but this moment must go on. I take off your shirt as we drop to the floor. All our cloths come off as we role around in the rain that seems to be devouring us. Thunder bursts in the sky so loud it's frightening yet exhilarating.

It's now or never at the height of this storm so I reach for myself and slide it up in you. I pump you like the thunder is pumping the clouds with such passion. The rain is now heavier and the lightening so damn scary. I thrust myself into you harder, faster, slower, faster, even harder as your body shakes and trembles. Our lips lock and I could swear we are one with this beautiful act of nature.

I throw my head up to the sky as the rain pours down on me like a waterfall. Still as I thrust I can feel you tighten up even more with anticipation. I can't hold back as I grab your shoulders and begin to cum inside of you. As if a lightening bolt had struck me I feel the intense surge run through my body.

I shake as the rain whirls around the wind. I know now I have never been so turned on yet so scared at one time in all my life. I lay back down on you and we kiss until the storm dissipates.. The sun peaks through the clouds and shines on us as to suggest it's approval at what has taken place.

And now we rest...

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