Sexual Submission vs Being a Submissive  

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8/31/2005 9:09 pm

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Sexual Submission vs Being a Submissive

Hello all.

I know this is probably a post for I like you guys and have received some pretty cool comments, so take a look at this.

I have always been under the impression that I am more of a submissive person. When it comes to sports, I am aggressive as all hell, but otherwise I'm quite mellow and enjoy, during sexual encounters, being told what to do. Well, I recently made the acquaintance of a gentleman that is a Dom, and he asked me if I was interested in the lifestyle. Naturally, since I liked the thought of losing control in the bedroom, I said yes, not really understanding what I was getting into...

I only had one "session"...during which I was given oral, and introduced to fisting, which didn't actually occur as that I am apparently the tightest person ever. Not really, but lets say not much outside of a penis was getting into my special spot.

I know that many people have certain impressions of the lifestyle, so let me enlighten the otherwise uninformed like myself. 1. Apparently being a sub has very little to do with sex, but rather with pleasing your dom in general. Well, not that I am card carrying feminist, but I'm definitely not one to submit to another's will outside the bedroom. So that was strike one. 2. Doms are not all power tripping assholes. In fact, this guy was quite gentle, explaining the life to me, and making me understand what I was getting into...I mean, it's not like I expected him to be dressed in full leather and order me to the ground, but I guess the normalness of the situation was a little surprising. 3. If you don't like pain, this is so not the lifestyle for you. I kind of hoped that the pain was something you could omit, but the whole "thin line between pleasure and pain" does not apply to most people and for most, it just hurts. Strikes two and three...literally.

I suppose I was lucky that we talked about it for 3 hrs during which I understood that this was not the life for me, by any means. But for a Dom, he still gave great head. And though I doubt I'll see him again, it was nice to add a life experience to my resume. So what about you guys? Anyone ever try something that was different, whether it be a sexual position or a different sexual orientation, and did it change your perspective on things?

Let me know...cuz you know I'm curious. Later kids.

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