Some crazy, funny incident, thanks to AFF  

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8/17/2006 5:36 am

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Some crazy, funny incident, thanks to AFF

Well what I am writing here it really happened. I guess it happened to somebody else.

I was Germany in Carnival time.I was attending a dinner one of my friends home. A lot of drink and food,two families both of them more than business friend.We transferred from the dining room to sitting rooms couch and with my surprise both the men slowly got into sleep.I am sitting with two beautiful middle aged wifes of my friends and willing to be back in my room,cosidering the business and friendship issues.Suddenly with no alarm one of my friends wife comes next to me and grab my v.I was like shocked and the other one start kissing me and rubbing her big german boobs on my face, I am like what the --------. Shocked and concerned, two friends of mine,sleeping in front, their wifes,business and personal relations all is in my mind. One smiled at me and said we are in your friends network panicol.We moved to the kitcen and while I was satisfying one horny German friens wife other was wathing their husbands on rotation. Well I did it everybody was happy and full but friends not next time.

Next time it was in Zurich, I was attending a meeting with a top bank. The lady head of Forex trade keep on looking at me in a perticular way.Usually banking woman is boring,but this one in her mid thirties, canadia and swiss mix. At the end when I was leaving she passed her card with mobile and hissed at my ear maybe we can meet up in evening panicol.Well the rest was hot and wet sex all through with little tip of forex as well. Now she is married and left Zurich to Milano. I am missing her tips but moreover her beautiful and hot friendship. Kisses.

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