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8/2/2005 10:41 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

the bottle

Hi every one, I am back. Just returned from a really good training hike for my up in coming quest, I mentioned in my first post or blog ,what ever. It was beautiful I have many pictures, and as soon as I can I will post some of them. But as of now I am just an obscure element on this site trying to ilk out an existence in this vast colony of people.

I will continue to post my blog’s, in hope that it will give a better perspective on who I am and the things that I do, and how I get down. To show that what I said in my profile, is as honest as I say. Not just exaggerations to gain the trust of a woman, I am what I say, and I do what I say. It is easy to just check a box, but it is harder to live up to those checks in the eyes of a woman, that remembers every thing an individual portrayed about their self when that person was lying.

I did not just join this site for the opportunity, for sex alone. I would be lying, if I said that the prospect of just getting it on did not interest me.Because I am down with that by all means.But I will always stay true to my belief that in the end. It's the life experiences that we carry with us that matter. And I want take as many as I can.the better off I will be.I don’t want to be in some home or my death bed, with out a magnificent library of life that I have lived to look back on. I hope to meet many people of all kinds. And make new friends that help my questand thiers.

Have to go to work soon, but I hope that one day some one will stumble on to this life in a bottle floating, and respond to it. I see it like finding a message in a bottle that is looking for that one sea shore to land on, in hopes that one day that the one lonely beach comber will find it and see all that is written in it.

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