The begining  

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7/29/2005 9:17 pm

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The begining

Hi this is my blog at this point I have no idea as to what I doing but with time I will figure it out. This is my life and these are my shenanigans. I hope you enjoy them but if you don’t you can always change the channel.

To day I have come to the conclusion that I am just a human being like the rest of us. I have this friend that is deploying to Iraq in a couple of months and was talking to her about a situation that I ran in to today, I was purchasing some ammunition for my secondary ( i.e. hand gun )at the local gun shop that’s when things got interesting!!!!!! This magnificent brunet walked in; at this time you must be thinking what is a beautiful woman doing in a gun store, I asked my self that question also. That soon turned to an after though.

As I picked up my ammunition and walked to the counter, she was standing in front of me talking to one of the reps, and that is when I noticed that she had an ample bosom you could not help but notice her cleavage. It was hanging out their like the great out doors. I usually avert my eyes and try not to stare, I was brought up that staring is impolite but man I could not help my self. I did not blatantly stair but I sure glanced in her direction a lot.

So as I met my friend at the range, I told here the situation and she laughed her ass off. Because I felt like I was rued to look at her chest. She let me in on this little secret it is alright to look but don’t gawk. She said that is the way some women advertise for attention. She said that we know what we are doing. We are not stupid. And I had to agree with that.

So it don’t feel so much as a pervert knowing that it’s not all that bad being a single heterosexual male in this day and age .And to admire a beautiful woman with out thinking I am some kind of pig or what ever people call us for just being human.

Well this is my first blog hopefully I will continue to document my adventures. This one is not so much an adventure but a new understanding in the opposite sex .My next one will be my trip thru the san Isabel national forest.



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