The feeling of being covered in paint  

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6/26/2005 11:46 pm

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The feeling of being covered in paint

It's an out-of-this-world experience to be painted.

It tickles a bit, and feels slimy putting it on. The slippery feel of a hand sliding across the sking is very pleasant. That's followed by the feeling of stickiness and slight awkwardness as you have to be careful to avoid touching anything.

The feeling of it drying comes next. It tightens and shrinks as it dries. After a point, you get quite a wave of euphoria as it becomes touch dry. You can feel every square inch of your skin as it tightens everywhere, every part of you tingles.
It is particularly wonderful on your face, especially the lips and eyes.

It's erotic and it's arousing. The longer you can leave it on the more wondrous it is. That feeling of heightened senses, of tightness and restriction, and of arousal going on for hours is really indescribable!

But then you have to take it off eventually. I'll write in future about the clean-up, what to use and how long you can do it, how you can enjoy it on your own, or with a friend if you get lucky enough to find one. It's a fun world, and you're welcome to share it.

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