Its all about the art innit?  

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6/29/2005 7:21 pm

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Its all about the art innit?

Some bodypaintings are truly works of artistic beauty. The artists themselves consider them as art. Commonly the artwork is applied with airbrush.
On the other hand there is bodypainting where the paint is pretty much just slopped on.

Of course while some of the artistic stuff is spectacular, I get more out of the heavier application.

To me a bodypainting isn't particularly good if not all the skin is painted. And the face absolutely must be painted, and preferably the hair is painted all the way down to the scalp. No area of skin untouched. I have had the opportunity to paint a handful of women, sadly they've always stopped short of this extreme level of commitment, although they go 90% of the way.
So when I see a model that has gone as far as possible, I know that she has done something outside her comfort zone. I find that arousing.

I actually think I prefer single colour paintings (no artistry required lol). Gold and other metals are great, and in addition who is head to toe blue, or green, or red, or yellow, or black, or white is always incredibly beautiful to me.

I try to get artistic on myself sometimes, having some idea for an amusing design, but I pretty much always get excited, rush it and make a mess.

In the attached photo, I couldn't have done that to myself - a friend did that - she had limited time, so it was two hours work. Very nice.
For completeness, I wore it for about 10 hours, and about 1 1/2 hours to clean up

Having said all that, I'd be overjoyed beyond words if someone wanted to spend 10-12 hours or however long it takes to paint me into some incredible complex living work of art.


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