If my friends could see me now  

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7/2/2005 7:29 pm

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If my friends could see me now

On balance I would be called a little on the introverted side. I don't have any problem being naked in front of anybody, but it's not like I go round exposing myself.
After I first painted myself, I only did it perhaps every year or two. I was rather coy about it, and even a little guilty at being so stupid.
Finally realizing I wasn't the only one with this fetish, I decided to accept it and enjoy it. That's very liberating. But even now I only get the opportunity 3 or 4 times a year on average. I'd do it much more if I could.
A couple of times over the years I've had the chance to have a few days on my own, so each of those "sessions" would in fact be several paintings over 2 or 3 days. I've left it on overnight a few times.

But an additional delight with the whole experience is being able to show it off. I now always take photos, often take webcam videos. There's quite a few pictures of me out the on the internet; much larger versions of the ones I'm showing here. If only you knew where to find them.
I find it quite thrilling actually, and get a real buzz when someone comments on any of them.

It's brought out an exhibitionist side to me that I never knew I had. A lot of fun

One thing I've done half a dozen times is to hook up a webcam after someone has said they would like to watch, and paint myself just for them. That's always an enormous thrill, for me, and my audience.

Ha, you're all invited. (Ladies only)


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