Don't I look great when I'm silver.  

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6/27/2005 5:04 pm

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Don't I look great when I'm silver.

Of course, bodypainting is a very visual art. But for me, when I see a painted body I get a sensation of how awesome it must feel to be have all that wonderful sticky substance all over your skin.

But there is a strong visual element too. A naked golden woman is the most beautiful sight to see, and I don't tire of looking at such. I also admire a lady with a painted face. In fact, heavy make-up is enough. A few licks of paint turns a lovely face into a living work of art. And how sexy are lady clowns, or green demons that you might have seen on Buffy.

However a painted male does nothing for me. Completely uninteresting. Except for me.
When I am painted, I love to look at it. I know it looks ridiculous, but the feeling mixed with the appearance is very special. I stare at myself and pose in front of the mirror for a long time.

It's always a delightful shock when you see yourself in the mirror, and you're not you anymore, you're some weird purple or multicoloured object.

It's a joy on your own, and even better if you've had a friend getting artistic on your skin, and you can both admire their handiwork.

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