Are you a wamaholic?  

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7/24/2005 5:57 pm

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Are you a wamaholic?

If you know what WAM or sploshing is you can probably stop reading.

WAMMING is watching or participating in acts of getting you or someone else messy. This messy behavior can include almost anything wet and messy. Most commonly used substances are water, mud, food substances (pies, pudding, cool whip, etc) and even things like quicksand and paint. And yes, it is a sexual turn on.

If you go and ogle about, you'll find the wonderful messyfun, messygirl and hundreds of other sites. You'll eventually find the Ultimate Messy Directory, really the rallying point, and if these things are of interest to you, you'll discover yourself in a community of thousands of others. It's very enlightening when you have these interests all to yourself, and discover that you're not alone.

Personally, wetlook does nothing for me, but pies to the face, clay, mud and slime are definitely for me, and spaghetti or custard down the panties again I don't find interesting.

There a lots of different varieties for lots of different preferences. Some prefer fully clothed, or naked as I do, and some prefer clean faces.
In addition there's the humiliation aspect; some are turned on by that, either as victim or voyeur, and others prefer the liberation and naughtiness involved in makeing a mess as the turn on.

Some wammers would say that bodypainting is not wam; and when it's done to create art, it possibly isn't. But when it's done to make a mess, for the psychological and tactile pleasures, it fits right in.

Go, and peek into this world, many of you will revel in it, I'm sure.


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