Truth in Lies  

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10/21/2005 2:46 am

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Truth in Lies


After seeing her for the first time he made inquiries at the embassy as to the location of their residence. He arrived at noon with an invitation to dinner. She was putting the two-year-old down for a nap. They had a glass pf wine and he left.

"I knew that I would see him again but I didn't really expect him to come to the villa. HO obviously was attracted to me. I to him. But unsure of what to do. I shouldn't have been. Clair seated us together. I was surprised. She was polite, but occupied herself with other guests and dinner preparation. We had drinks before dinner. It occurred to me that the presence of several other very attractive females was designed to blunt my own impact. I was already established."

"I had never played footsie before. Snickering 'so this is how it's done' I kept my left foot entrenched against his."

"The four of us at the base movie several days later. Your fingers stroking my arm during some inane darkened comedy."

Dancing at the officer's club afterwards you stuck your erection into my groin and I pushed back."

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