The second beach meeting  

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10/23/2005 12:40 pm

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The second beach meeting


She had parked her car at the Post Exchange and gone in for groceries. He parked close to her car and waited. She returned with cheese, fruit and a bottle of the local red. They took the back road out of the base, traveled three or four kilometers and parked off the road above the beach.

They sipped the wine, not touching fruit or cheese. The tide was out and the water made successive tender punches at the sand.

They chatted about their individual family doings, their children. They kissed an initial wine tasting kiss. She lay back on the towel. His tongue in her mouth and hand on her breast. His bare leg over hers pressing their thighs together. Pulling her hand to his erection, cupping her fingers as he moved them up and down.

She set up, tugged her panties off, and lay back. He put his head between her thighs and gently licked. She placed her hand hand between his mouth and her cunt, pulling his tongue to her clitoris combining each element into a homemade threesome.

He wiggled out of his swim suit, entered her and pulled a second towel over his pulsating, white, exposed bare ass. Without regret he soon felt it slip away during the onslaught of bucking.

She didn't have an orgasm but is was strong. He continued lying on her wondering if they were being observed. He lay on her wondering what the tits beneath the dress looked like. He lay on her thinking that had eaten her before seeing her tits. He looked at her face. She smiled that marvelous smile and he lover her.

He pulled away and looked to the cliffs for faces. None. He put his hand between her legs sliding back and forth with the wetness. He stood and pulled up the Italian version of the Speedo. she pulled on her panties, kneeling to bring them fully up. They ate cheese and fruit, kissed and left.

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