Effects of absence  

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11/20/2005 2:28 pm

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Effects of absence

He dropped by the villa around six in the evening. The prior couple of weeks had been spent in battling a flu bug he had picked up in New York. Since his was one of the early cases in the area he had been anonymously described in the local newspaper as the "executive recently returned from the United States" who had "spread Asian Flu to the region." Not wanting to spread it even further he had not seen Jenny.

She was dressed in an old sweater and skirt painting a chair in the dining room. He knew that Johnathon would be home soon, but not having touched her for a month it was impossible to put it off further. An urgancy was triggered which Johnathon's imminent arrival was unable to quell.

She pulled off her panties as he dopped his pants and shorts. He lay on the floor and she sat on top of him, her full skirt concealing their nakedness if not their intentions. She faced the door where he would enter and wondered if she would see him in time. She wished she had not left haer panties on the floor. Those thoughts failed to make any substantial intrusion on the stimulation she was receiving from his dick and they both came rapidly. She stood up dripping sperm on his stomach, picked up her panties and went to the bathoom. He looked for Kleenex, heard Johnathon, and pulled his shorts over his sperm covered stomach and rapidly zipped his pants. "Where's Jenny?" as she appeared glowing from the bathroom. They had a drink while he contemplated his sticky navel, and wondered whether the abundance could assure that no offspring would come from that union.

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