A Sexual Odyssey  

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A Sexual Odyssey

A shallow sandy beach touched transparent green Mediterranean waters. Access was along a trail, over a rocky cliff. The two could have been observed by any idle Arab wandering by, but none appeared.

She wore a dress quite short by local standards. He had bathing shorts under his suit pants. Descending to the beach the towels were spread. She took the wine from the paper sack as he removed his Brooks pants. They sat.

This was the second visit to the beach. The first occurred a week before.

Jenny had come to that meeting with the wetness of an Arab ejaculation oozing and drying between her legs.

He was rich, had horses and an acquired Italian regard for your young married women. The embassy staff had been invited to his rural villa for Sunday drinks and lunch. Jenny had expressed her delight at the thoroughbreds and love of riding. He said his wife would invite her to come during the week and ride. As she was leaving he cupped her bottom in his hand pressing her dress with his middle finder between her legs. She moved quickly aside but made no protest maintaining an exit expression.

He called the next day with two invitations. His wife asked that she come Wednesday to ride and remain for lunch. A servant would take care of her daughter. He suggested that she come to his town apartment the day before for mid-morning coffee. He recalled that she had language instruction at the Italian Institute and it was immediately adjacent. He wished to learn more of her family and home.

He was 42. As she said later she knew exactly why she was there. He saw no reason to engage in any formalities and she required none. After two years of non-sex and numerous suggestions of sex from others she had decided to see. As he offered coffee he stood behind her, forcing her bottom against his pelvis with one hand while lifting her skirt with the other. She had decided that panties would be superfluous and had worn none. He explored her anus with his thumb while using the other four to message her inner thighs. She liked his finger in her ass. No one had explored it before. She was wet. He slid her wetness back to her anus rubbing his fingers rythmatically over and into her opening. She wanted to be kissed but his face was behind her. She turned and licked his nose. He withdrew his hand, moved away and began undressing. She wanted his finger back but undressed also. He took her to the bedroom, lay on the bed and pulled her on top of him. Thrusting to his own needs he came, kissed her nipples and moved her off.

She was startled at how quickly it was over. It wasn't good but she had certainly been more stimulated than in any encounter with the two men that she had bedded previously. She went into the bathroom and concentrated on the notion that if she was stirred by the preamble to the quickie maybe he of the Social Security Card might help her find the right buttons. She hadn't done a very good job and the sperm was still being squeezed out as she descended the stairs. She toyed with the idea of taking the second potential lover in the same day. Being a slut was new and delicious but two in the same day was probably a bit of overkill.

They had talked of her husband. "He is ambitious and bright. I represent an asset, will be nurtured and used. We make love infrequently because of his lack of interest. But then I am orgasmic only when using my fingers. He is selfish, intellectually stimulating and a good tennis player. We are compatible - except for bed. I don't know whether it is him or me."

They talked of his wife. "She had gone to summer camp with my sister and come to our house to visit. She was pretty and eager to have me handle her body and to play with mine. Two years younger she had gone to Wellesley but returned as a sophomore to the State University that I was attending. We never actually fucked until we were married but sperm got close enough to cause a concern with a late period. There were no bloody sheets on the wedding night and she later would express her disappointment in the quality of my performance. Presumably she had known better. She's a Phi Beta Kappa - testimony to a good memory, often amusing, and desperately wants to project the good girl/good wife image."

They talked of their initial meeting at a party last month. "You were pretty drunk. I broke up when, as a parting reminder of a half hour of mutual electricity, you handed me your Social
Security card rather than the business card for which you had been groping. But you were handsome and funny. Besides you were the "older man" and I wanted a new, and experienced mirror that would reflect more than I had been able to see of myself."

"I was drawn to your face. The classic Northwest coast beauty attached to a full body. A marvelous smile. Young, articulate and unafraid of the new."

"More wine?"


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