Umm... this is swinging?  

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10/26/2005 7:11 pm

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Umm... this is swinging?

The sun began to rise over the houses across the street. I couldn't believe that Saturday was coming up for our first experience with another couple. We've had a few people back out and I tried to suck it up and not take it personally. But how do you not? Well this couple was really into us and us into them. It was great.

I could hardly think at work wondering what would happen, how would it go down or rather, how would he go down. Would I be able to see my husband get it on with another woman. Would I be able to handle hearing her moans and knowing just which way his hips thrust to get that reaction? Hell yea, I would. I really thought it would turn me on and hell, any woman that got to experience him, well... they were lucky. But anyway, and I wondered if the guy that got to do me, would feel lucky. The things that go through a woman's mind, you know.

Well, Saturday morning I woke up with butterflies in my stomach. My cunt ached from the pounding that hubby had given me the night before because just the thought of us being with another couple completely did it for him. Made him so damn hard I thought he was going to spear me in half. Phew... okay I had to calm down to type the rest...

Well the time came when we met the couple for our first sharing. The guy enjoyed himself, I have to say... and well... hubby and the girl had to deal with an unexpected female visitor, so unfortunatly, they couldn't continue very long.

Onward and upward... hubby got me home and my god, pounded the hell out of my pussy again and I ate up every bit of it. He's a machine. I love the way he tells me what feels good and the way he takes control. Damn... I just could eat up a man that takes control.!

paintballballer 44M/42F

10/26/2005 7:22 pm

Dam I am horny as hell now after reading that. SO, guys I am off to take of business. And yes I am going to pound that ass. Good night to all...HUBBY

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