Just a fantasy  

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4/13/2006 12:56 pm
Just a fantasy

I had just moved into my apartment when my next door neighbor, Gina, stopped by and invited me over for a drink. She was a little large, but not bad to look at. I went over to her apartment, which was much like mine, but it had a large wooden chair with straps on it, and a large padded table with straps. She smiled and said that she was a dominatrix for extra money. We had few drinks and talked. Gina then asked me if I would be willing to break in a new slave with her tomorrow. My buzz and curiosity overcame me and I agreed at once.

The next day I went over to Gina’s. She opened the door and was only wearing a bath robe. I was expecting some sort of leather getup. She asked that I strip and have a seat in the big wooden chair. Gina then came behind me and handed me a blindfold so that I could not see who her slave/client was. As soon as I was seated and blindfolded, Gina strapped my wrists to the arms of the chair and my ankles to the legs. She told me to relax and that her slave will be here soon and would pleasure me. I heard a door open and Gina go into action. The slave was ordered to strip and then to crawl over and suck my cock. This was not turning out half bad so far, I thought.

The slave took my cock in their hand and slowly stoked it up and down. Then, very slowly, the slave too my cock deep into their mouth all the way the base. The slave then began to give me the most aggressive blow job I had ever received. Sucking and jerking my cock really hard and fast. It was as if the slave was starving for my cum. Gina yelled enough. The mouth left my cock, but then I felt a cold wet sensation on my cock and balls. Gina whispered to me that it was lube so I could fuck the slaves ass. Things were getting better. The tip of my cock touched the slaves asshole and in one motion, the slave sat right down on my cock. I was buried in the slaves tight warm ass. The slave began sliding up and down my cock and then stopped. Gina loosened the right strap on my hand. Instinctively, I reached around. What I felt shocked me. I had never touched one other than my own before. Instead of a wet pussy, I had in my hand a hot throbbing cock. I did not jerk my hand away. I wrapped my fingers around it and slowly stroked up. This caused a big glob of pre-cum run down the tip of his cock over my fingers. Gina whispered in my ear, “I am breaking in a new slave today, and its you.”

The slave slid off my cock and moved away. Suddenly, I had this hot wet sensation on my lips and I instinctively licked. I was the slaves cock and semen rubbing against my lips. As soon as I licked, the cock pushed into my mouth. Here I was with one hand free and a cock in my mouth. The slave began to fuck my mouth. When he would begin to pull out, I would suck at him. This caused my mouth to be flooded with pre-cum. It tasted salty sweet and I was really enjoying this. Gina whispered in my ear get used to this, you are going to be my cum slut.

Too be continued

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