my first cybersex- read and experince it youself  

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9/13/2005 8:55 pm

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my first cybersex- read and experince it youself

Met this girl in the wee hours of the morning the other day. She is a hottie from Scotland. I am inserting the best parts- Even hotter if you can imagine the accent.
M-My pussy is really wet- yours?
S- getting there yes
M-Id love to run my tongue around your nipple and then slowly down to your hot zone.
S- well now its getting wetter, would love you to darling
M-I love to suck nipples until they get erect than move slowly down.
S- mmm there erect thinking about it
M-When I get close I kiss all around your pussy just getting you so hot your juices flow- all the while stroking your breasts and teasing your nipples
S- lovely, I slowly undress you. licking your nipples and gently rubbing your pussy through your pants
M-I can practically smell you dripping. My pussy certainly is. Mmm you make me quiver.Your thighs taste so good
S- good, lol. I would love to spend a weekend with you, husband and boyfriends watching if they wanted to
M-Sounds like my kind of fun. I would love to spend the weekend exploring you with my mouth
S- yes, and with my hands and tongue all over your body, we would have them cumming in no time
M-They would hardly be able to stand it as they watch us lick and tease. Soft moans gently filling their ears
S- yeah,they would love it
M-I would kiss and caress you until my lips found your panties. I would gently caress your clit through them
S- lovely,
M-You tit looks delicious.
S- lol,.thank you
M-Mmm my tongue running over your nipple
S-very sexy
M-I want to pull down your panties- caressing your ass cheeks on the way down
S- would love you to baby, I would love to slide yours down and lick your clit as I did
M-My clit is burning for you.
S- my tongue flicking all over it, sucking gently, pinching your nipples
M-ahh, I can feel my juices dripping.My fingers are gently running over your clit and around your opening.
S- mmm push them in, see how many you can get in me
M-Yes, My nipples are rock hard
S- mm would love to see you sitting,looking very very sexy
M-My fingers slowly move in feeling every ripple. I put in one and then another
S- mmmm more
M-Slowly moving in and out.Another finger enters- rimming the edges of your dripping box. Your nipples so luscious as I stroke them with my free hand.
S- mmmmmm
M-My thumb finds your clit- servicing it as my fingers stroke your G spot.
S- my hand reaches over and squeezes your nipples, slowly rubbing your breasts- feeling my juices over your hand mmmmmmmm
M-oh, I ache for you to find my opening with your fingers
S- I position myself in a 69 and begin rubbing your clit, slowly inserting 2 fingers I begin to slide them in and out slow-then gently getting faster
M-I continue stroking you clit and thrusting in and out until your hips are forced to move with the rythym.I start to push harder- another finger forcing its way into your tight pussy
S- mmmm I to begin to finger a lot faster as I'm feeling your fingers fucking me.. I lean down and lick your clit as I fuck you hard with 3 fingers, my tongue exploring every inch or your dripping pussy,
M-Ahh I moan feeling ecstasy move in as my tongue helps my thumb urge you toward climax. My body is shaking with rapture with every brush of your tongue.
S- oh I moan loudly as I feel the climax coming, I finger you even faster, my fingers finding your G spot and my tongue rolling over you clit
M-Your juice is glistening all over my hand as I work more vigorously
S- I begin to climax my whole body shakes as I squirt out some cum
M-In and out my hand moves- my tongue moving faster and faster- my head moving with excitement not wanting to waste a drop of the sweet nectar
S- my fingers rubbing your G spot then sliding quickly in and out of your pussy, my thumb begins rubbing your clit and my tongue moves up and down
M-I suck and slurp up your juices and begin to lose control from the pleasure your sweet tongue brings
S- I taste your juices as they run slowly out. Licking all over your pussy and thighs
M-I almost cant stand it as my pelvis begins to explode
S- fingers still sliding in and out very quickly
M-I continue to lick up every last drop of you as it is brought out by the continued thrust of my fingers
S- I also lick up every drop you leak as my tongues runs all over your pussy, not missing an inch
M-I beg you for a taste of my sweet juices aching to lick a drop from your lips and chin.
S- we both stand up, our lips join and we kiss passionately passing on each others juices
M-my mouth parts for your tongue and we then invade each others mouths with the same passion as our pussies.
S- My fingers stroke your Breasts feeling their softness.One hand rubbing your ass and the other your breasts, our tongues lashing inside each others mouths
M-Our erect nipples rub together
S- mmmmmmm
S- Iam soaking wet now, my skirt is actually showing wetness through it
M-I lose control of my body as the passion overpowers Our hands memorizing every mound and crevice.
S- we lay on the bed continue kissing and caressing
M-I feel your wetness on my mound as though a wildfire lingering refusing to be extinguished
S- my body still shaking from the great climaxes

Well that's it. I thought it was yummy. I am getting a little wet just from reading it again. Any thoughts?

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9/17/2005 5:37 pm

Wow,that was really cool, definitely made me wet reading it. Damn, hornier than I was before I read it, guess it's time to break out the toys.
Talk to you later, Christie

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9/20/2005 6:50 am


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