8 February, 2006  

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8 February, 2006

i love the grammy's

and i love u2

i'm sooo glad they finally won album of the year again (even if this album certainly didn't deserve it over the last). i'm even more glad they invited danny and steve-o to join them on stage to accept the award. and wasn't adam looking smashing!

and screw all of you who don't think they deserve to win awards. to say that u2 doesn't deserve their honors is blasphemy. their music is always uniquely inspired, incrediably distinctive (if not always groundbreaking) and appeals across many generations, races, and classes. most of all, i love them, so i don't really care what you nay-sayers think. you're simply one less person i have to fight with to get a ticket to the show.

tonight i sleep and think of only happy things.... happy anglo-irish-bassplaying things....

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