18 January 2006  

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1/17/2006 11:51 pm

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18 January 2006

this week has been the worst, and it's only tuesday. i have been able to concentrate on getting anything done. my brain feels like a giant tv with someone else flipping the channels. i'm not sleeping. i can't. i have lost control, and the semester's just beginning. at least i finally have 2 days off from the record store, but even with that, there is little rest for the weary.

i have an internship interview with a pretty large live sound production company tomorrow, so atleast that's one good thing to happen lately. i could not be more nervous. it's so incrediably hard for girls to be taken seriously in this field, and i hate that... but at the same time, i know i get off on a challenge. so here's hoping for the best.

friday i am going to meet michael at eckerds. since he's the photolab manager, he's going to print the shots from U2 in Atlanta for me... hooray for friend with free hookups. he thinks his manager might want one of the black n white shots for their display frames. funny... i never intended to be a photographer, but this would be the third addition to their collection. go figure.

oralinbelfast 48M

2/7/2006 1:20 am

pOpgarbage - keep plugging away honey, you can do it, and best of all you know you can. U2 though... hmmmm!

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