Smell Her Buns  

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10/3/2005 8:22 pm

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Smell Her Buns

It's not the smell of fancy perfume or coconut suntan lotion that turns men on. It's the scent of baked cinnamon buns. That was the conclusion of neurologists following a unique experiment in which they monitored penile bloodflow in 25 medical students while the students sniffed different smells. The experimenters exposed the students to a wide range of fragrances, from lily-of-the-valley to rose to musk, but found that cinnamon buns turned men on most. The scents of pumpkin pie, doughnuts, and black licorice also ranked high. Researchers speculate the smells may evoke a nostalgic memory that relaxes a man, making him more aware of sexual cues.

MsLoveRose 33F  
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10/4/2005 7:24 pm

sooo very true...i have conducted my own experiments...i mixed a little grated cinnamon into my body wash...i got attacked...he was just sooo into the smell...maybe i can do i can get some action soon huh?? wow....i also read that guys are more sexually open if they are hungry!!!

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pASSionwantd2 50M
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10/5/2005 8:12 pm


If I know a woman is cooking me a meal,I will do anything for Her that she ask's and Some!.LOL!TNKU.....I'm Hungry Now

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