My Oral Technique And Fetish  

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11/11/2005 11:05 pm

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My Oral Technique And Fetish

I really love performing oral sex on a woman. I can remember fantasizing about it long before I ever had a chance to try it. I never realized that being able to eat pussy is more important than being able to fuck. Why is it important? Because if you don't know how, or won't eat pussy, your partner will never let you stick your dick into her moist mouth!

I find a woman's pussy to be a magical and mysterious source of excitement and pleasure. It feels so good around my cock that sometimes I just want to go down there to try and unlock its mysteries! I love the anticipation of softly kissing my way down a woman's tight little tummy. I love a woman's soft silky pubic hair, especially when it is neatly trimmed into an alluring triangle-seeming to point the way to go for a tasty treat! Sometimes I will wrap my arms around my sex toy for the night and just rest my face on her pubic hair or her bald twat. I also like to gently rub my face against her, it is as if she is scent-marking me as hers. Once you have the aroma of her on your skin, she'll assume that you are hers, thus making her want to do anything in her power to sexually service you.

Besides the taste and aroma of a perfect pussy, I am very turned on by the way a woman's pussy looks. I love a woman's outer lips, they seem to exude raw sexual power. I remember the first time I really saw a woman and her pussy from behind, she was on her knees with her face down on a pillow and she was resting on her arms with her nice apple shaped ass up in the air waiting for me to enter her love tunnel from behind. Her outer lips were quite visible to me, as was her cute little tight butthole and her pink pussy hole. The view she gave me turned me on like you wouldn't believe! I love how soft the lips are of a woman's pussy. I live to look at them, feel them with my fingers, kiss them, lick them, and finally pull them into my mouth and suck on them like a baby sucks on a bottle full of milk.

I also like to spread them to get to her inner lips. It is like looking through the petals of a soft, pink, sweet flower. I like running my tongue up her inner pussy lips to find the hidden prize of her clitoris at the top. I like to call the clit "a little man in a canoe". It makes me feel good that I know exactly where her clitoris is, and what type of gentle but steady licking rhythm will drive her crazy. I also love knowing that I can make a woman's pussy wet with excitement. The scent and taste is mild, pleasant, and intoxicating. I really think women taste good, and that it is pure sex to taste a woman. Any man who doesn't like to put his lips around a soft, wet, pussy is really missing something. I do not hesitate to press my face into her, licking her wetness and letting my face get wet from her excitement.

I enjoy going down on a woman from many positions. The traditional with her lying on her back and me lying on my stomach between her legs is very nice. It is also fun to lift her legs resting over my shoulders as I eat her muff until she moans with pleasure. I also like to push her knees up with her heels against her buttocks so she is more exposed to my explorations. I think the best position is this way, but with her on the edge of the bed and me sitting on the floor in front of her. This position gives me the perfect view!

It is even better if she is sitting like this in a comfortable living room chair, heels against her buttocks and right on the edge of her chair. My blowjob partner and I tried this recently, and it was very erotic because I could stare into her eyes lovingly as I licked her moist pussy. This is probably one of the only positions which enables the woman to see what is happening. It also makes it easy to insert a finger into her pussy as I'm eating her, which gives her added enjoyment.

Another very erotic position is for me to lie on my back, and have her kneeling over me and slowly lower her pussy to my face. Having a woman "sit on my face" like this is amazing. She is smothering me with her pussy, and I forget about everything else in the world. I can look up at her breasts and face which lets me see that I'm giving her so much pleasure, that she can barely stay on top of me! I even like the feeling when she gets so aroused that her juices run down my face and neck, and when she comes she practically falls off of me because she just had the most intense orgasm of her life!

I have also found it fun to begin kissing my blowjob donor's neck, kiss my way down her back to her buttocks, kiss and gently bite her buttocks and thighs, and try to get my tongue to her pussy from this angle! I sometimes put my arms around her waist and pull her up so she is sticking her ass in the air, and from this angle I can kiss and lick her pussy. I can't really make her come this way because I can't reach her clitoris, but it is still sexy. to have her pussy in your face, and her juices on your tongue.

Of course the other wonderful oral sex experience is 69. I really love this. Not being able to see anything but her sex really makes for a focused sexual experience! It has the same "smother me with your beautiful pussy" quality and having a woman sit on you, with the added benefit of feeling her warm body against mine and her mouth around my dick, giving me a blowjob while I lick her pussy with my energized tongue. Getting a blowjob while licking pussy is the ultimate high! Most girls generally take me out of their mouths well before they cum because it is too hard to concentrate on both giving and receiving! I like to reach my arms around her and firmly grasp her ass cheeks and separate them as I eat her. It is an amazing feeling to make her cum this way, and it is often quicker than other methods because my tongue is naturally positioned against her clit.

Since she is resting on my face, I don't just lick her clitoral area, but I draw her lips and clit into my mouth and move my tongue against her. I love it when the woman cums and then collapses with her hot wet pussy right onto my chest. All I see is her snatch, and the taste and scent that envelopes me is that of an aroused woman that I just made cum!

So in closing I would like to say "Eating pussy like a pro is important...If you can't lick it, she won't let you stick it!" Yes, this is a blowjob blog, but it's not just girls who do the blowing. Sometimes it just as important for a blowjob lover to give just as much as he receives. I gurantee you this: If you give her a memorable pussy eating experience, she'll be more than willing to give you a blowjob anytime you so desire!


bella_ 47F
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11/12/2005 1:46 pm

Damn, you got me all hot now!!! A man who can appreciate a woman is a keeper...and you are well beyond a keeper!

pussnboots694 73M/78F

11/12/2005 3:40 pm

As you savor me..
I shall savor you..
The flavor..

pASSionwantd2 50M
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11/14/2005 7:39 pm

***************************bella_ *******************************

I first of all must Thank the God's........To have your presence once again ! I'm glad to have made you soooo Hotttt,In turn you have made Me even Hotter........Thank you for the Very Kind Word's

And Yes ,I'm a Keeper! LOL,TNKU!

pASSionwantd2 50M
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11/14/2005 7:46 pm


I am alway's Blessed to Have you psnb694.........And you dont even know what it's like to have You and Bella side by side in my comment
line's,MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM OMFG ,it's like a dream and I would like to say Thank-you for your Hot and Beautiful Mind and Body.MMMM

Yes,Yes,and Yes.....I savor You

MsLoveRose 33F  
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11/16/2005 9:06 am


i missed this!!!

live more, laugh often, love much

pASSionwantd2 50M
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11/16/2005 11:36 pm


You know,that this is always here when you CummmMMMM

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