''Pleasure of Submission''  

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8/31/2005 10:58 pm

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''Pleasure of Submission''

The whole effect was to chain me so that my limbs were arranged to look like the letter X.

It started with a brisk lash from the whip across the tender flesh of my butt. There was genuine force in that lash, as if it was intended as a wake-up call. Subsequently, Theresa reached around my body and fixed a blindfold across my eyes that I could tell, from the smell and feel, was made of leather. Once it was securely in place, she undid the chains and made me turn around.

"You are blindfolded because your eyes are unworthy of gazing upon me," she declared as she began to refix the chains, only this time I was facing away from the wall. As she moved around me, she brushed against my cock, which had swollen to its full length. Knowing that I couldn't do anything with it was like torture that was only made worse by her sporadic touch.

Once the chains had been refastened, my dick became the main focus of Theresa's attention. She ran her fingers over it lightly, teasingly, until I could barely stand it. I longed to reach down and stroke myself until I came, but of course I couldn't do that. Bound to the wall as I was, all I could do was groan, which earned me another quick lash of the whip. Theresa then called for silence, and I heard the whip drop to the floor. She took a step forward so that our bodies were now touching, and then she guided my cockhead into her cunt.

She was so wet that my erection slid in easily. Instinctively, I tried to wrap my arms around her, but the chains prevented any such movement. While Theresa began rocking her hips back and forth, there was nothing that I could do other than stand in the position in which I had been chained. A feeling of total powerlessness overwhelmed my senses as my rigid prick pushed in and out of my mistress's cunt.

Then came the sting in the tail. Just as I was getting used to the gentle rhythm with which Theresa was pumping her hips, I felt a tightening sensation in my upper body as she began tugging on the nipple clamps. While still working my cock in and out of her cunt, she twisted them around and instantly sent sparks rushing to my chest that were echoed by a heightened throbbing in my balls.

I let out a shout as the clamps bit into my flesh. That in itself was enough to cause me further anguish, because Theresa doesn't like me to make any noise at all. I expected her to stop fucking me as a result of my disobedience, but instead, on this occasion, she seemed to revel in the audible demonstration of my pain. Her pussy experienced a series of contractions as it tightened around my cock, which is how I knew that she was almost to the point of climax.

With a forward thrust of her hips, Theresa consumed the full length of my dick with her cunt. Then she let out an orgasmic groan that echoed off the walls of the dungeon, a groan I had trouble not following with one of my own. I heard the chains on my arms and legs begin to rattle as the reverberations from the force of that thrust made my entire body start to tremble.

Upon hearing-and feeling-my mistress's climax, my dick began twitching inside her cunt. However, I knew better than to come inside her, since she had yet to give me permission to do so. I could not hold out much longer, though, and by remaining impaled on my cock, she was not giving me much choice. With nothing else that I could do, I risked incurring her wrath and started begging to come.

"Oh, Mistress, please," I groaned, as the spasms shooting through Theresa's cunt threatened to stimulate me to the point where I couldn't contain myself any longer. "Please, let me come." She took a step away from my body, pulling her pussy off of my dick. But it was too late-I couldn't hold back, and the feeling of her cunt sliding over my shaft set me off. Immediately, a thick, white jet of come came bursting from the slit in my crown.

As my juices splattered onto the floor, I felt the nipple clamps being twisted yet again. "Thank you, Mistress," I groaned as the sharp sensation caused another jet of cream to gush from my cock. Theresa's punishment had taken me to the very limits of what I was able to handle, and that fact was made clear by the two enormous blobs of come on the dungeon floor. Once she had undone the chains and removed the clamps from my nipples and the blindfold, she insisted that her slave perform one last task-that of cleaning up the mess that he had made!

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MsLoveRose 33F  
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9/1/2005 8:53 am

is it bad...when i got totally sucked in and started to imagine and place the scene with the first few lines....

gotta get out for some fresh air...geez!!!

very good!!!

live more, laugh often, love much

pussnboots694 73M/78F

9/1/2005 6:01 pm

Grabbing her by the hair
he pulls her close..
Kissing her deeply
lick up my cum he says sternly to her..
pushing her down she obeys..
then he pulls her up again..
pushing her back against the wall
with his taunt body ..
He is erect again..
She is dripping wet..
Please she moans
please penetrate me..
He smiles..
holding her hands above her head
he obeys her request..
and slips his hardness within her tight wet hole..
What a delicious game we play..

pASSionwantd2 50M
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9/1/2005 11:28 pm

*****sunrisegirl1983*****....It's Getting Hot in here'....that song never leave's my mind and your comment's alway's leave me with a smile.....Thank you

pASSionwantd2 50M
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9/1/2005 11:51 pm

'Lick me faster, lick me harder,' she cried. And I did, driving her to orgasm.I then Bowed to her feet and thanked Her for such a Hottt comment.....'Thank you Pb694'

MsLoveRose 33F  
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9/3/2005 8:39 am

wow puss...thats pretty hot!

live more, laugh often, love much

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