So many things to do and so little motivation to do them.  

overworkedloon 56M
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7/21/2005 10:11 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

So many things to do and so little motivation to do them.

So instead of doing anything important I will share my boredom with whoever may accidently read this. I say accidently because I don't have a picture of a 12" engorged penis on here to attract attention. There are 2 reasons for that. One, I don't in fact have a 12" penis to take a picture of. I suppose I could photoshop 2 pictures of mine together or of course borrow one of the net, but that leads to the second reason. If I did have occasion to "whip it out" as they say, to anyone who had seen the picture I would have to hope they had terrible depth perception.

As usual no women have burst thru the door wanting me to ravish them. I'm getting tired of that not happening. I have this feeling if that should actually happen the first words out of my mouth would be "Are you sure you have the right office?"

As I mentioned above, I work in an office. A law office to be precise. My title is investigator, but my duties run from answering the phones (the secretary, when she actually makes an appearance, seems to have a greater tollerance to phones ringing than to appearing in court. At the moment I'm the only one here, I will try to resist dancing round in my underwear singing into a spoon.

I also work as a soundman. That usually entails spending several hours moving heavy things around followed by trying to make the overinflated egos of the day sound better than they actually are, capped off with several more hours of moving heavy things around. So much for the glory of the music biz.

I also fix computers. Most of that work involves cussing. It doesn't actually help in the fixing but it is oh so satisfying.

In my spare time I like to eat, sleep and have sex. Unfortunately I'm usually alone during all of those activities.

If you've made it this far you are now officially as bored as I.

dicegrrl 39F

7/24/2005 12:47 am

Thanks for relieving my boredom by making me laugh!

Funny how men never seem to burst through my door just begging me to sleep with them either....

dicegrrl 39F

7/24/2005 12:49 am

Of course, any men *thinking* of doing just that should be warned that I seem to be suffering from a mild concussion and poison ivy from falling off my horse. *sigh*

overworkedloon 56M
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7/24/2005 8:41 am

Let me grab some Tylonol and a bottle of Calamine lotion and I'll be right over....LOL.

I haven't ridden a horse since I was a kid. I think the horses like it that way. They let out a sigh of relief when they realize I'm not planning on plopping my fat ass on their backs.

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7/24/2005 9:24 am

Thanks for checking out my blog, and after reading your, I don't feel so lonely. I have the so called pictures men have posted that don't seem to be a real person, trust me... your decent not to play those games. I hope to read more from you soon.

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