Labor Day: From the perspective of a soundman  

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9/7/2005 9:13 am

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Labor Day: From the perspective of a soundman

I’ve mentioned before that I have 2 full time jobs plus a sideline. Between those and my suddenly developing social life my time is becoming a little hectic. I’ll take this time to describe my Labor Day weekend. OK, I know you don’t really care, but hey, it’s my blog and I can write anything I want and I happen to be there.

Friday rolls around and I stumble into my day job at the ungodly hour of 9am. I’m opposed on general principles to mornings. I think they’re a bad idea and something should be done about them. I’m thinking about starting a petition. Luckily no one in the office is a cheery morning person so at least I don’t have to put up with that. On the bright side I’ve got my breakfast of champions (a big bottle of Dr. Pepper and my 2 for 50 cent preservative laden cookies) to start my day off. I’m setting in front of the computer trying to use all of my Jedi powers to will the clock to move faster and hoping no one disturbs me and breaks my concentration because I think just maybe it’s beginning to work. I had overlooked one thing though. I had forgotten the secretary’s incredible ability to withstand the noise made by a ringing phone. The Jedi powers don’t work at all on phones so it’s “Hello, law office” repeated ad-infinitum until noon finally arrives and I can say “Gotta’ go. See you Tuesday” and head off to set up for my evenings gig.

I run home, raid the refrigerator of anything that isn’t moving too much....the cookies had worn off by then.....and try to build my enthusiasm to lift heavy things into my Jeep that I will need to try and make the rock band I’m working with tonight sound like they’re worth what they’re getting paid. Tonight is a wedding reception. The upside of that is free food (free booze too, but since tomorrow starts once again at 9am, I don’t really wish to contend with the aftereffects). I plop my happy ass in my not so happy Jeep (when I pack a vehicle it knows it’s been packed) and zoom across town burning $2.89 gas at a prodigious rate. As usual the “We’ll help you load in” is an unfulfilled promise on the part of the band and I’m left to set up by myself.....I guess that’s why I make the (not so) big bucks. The food was good at least. The band does their thing....I do mine (one thing I do have to say about the band I was working with, they are consistent. I can pretty much, as they say in those commercials for the rotisserie ovens (do those things really work?), set it and forget it. The gig is done. Happiness is all around (at least with me....I got paid). And the process of loading, driving, unloading is once more done. And I set my head on the pillow about 2am, overjoyed with the fact that in 5 hours my alarm will be ringing.

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