It had to happen...eventually!  

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8/26/2006 2:22 pm
It had to happen...eventually!

I received a suprise in the (normal) mail today.

Some kind soul has decided to print off my AdultFriendFinder profile pages, add my real name & post it to me with a note on the back:

'These have been circulated throughout your neighbourhood'

'Have a nice day'

'Thinking of you!'

Now, those of you who know me, or if you have checked out my profile, you will know that I have a face/upper body photo as my main picture because I want to scare off as many potential partners as I can. NO, wait... that's not right! It's because I read so many complaints, from women, about men just showing 'cock shots' that I thought I would do the honest thing and show what I really looked like!

None of this should be a problem and, up until now it hasn't been.

There was, however, always the risk of being 'found out' because I have a public facing occupation and it was a risk that I was prepared to take.

This is different though. The sender of this 'exposure' has kindly highlighted one of the photographs in my friends network. He, or she, expects me to think that the woman highlighted has sent the letter as some sort of vindictive revenge.

Nothing is further from the truth.

It is true that when I met her initially she was looking for some extra-marital fun and games because her (then) husband was (and still is!) a complete bastard. When we met originally her foot was in plaster as a result of him pushing her down stairs.

We had some fun times together but, eventually, he found out, knocked her about and left. We became and still are, good friends. There was never going to be an 'us' though and we both knew it from the start. We've kept in touch and today - the day the letter arrived - she has moved in to her new man's house, in a new town, for a new start and I am truly happy for her.

Do you think she sent the letter? Nah! Me neither!

Reading the words again, do you catch a Canadian feel to them? If you are Canadian is it the way you would write something like this?

There is one other interesting point. When the pages were printed the computer used printed the date on the pages - it's March 2nd, why wait so long to send them? You know what pisses me off about that? I've re-written my profile since then so I'm not going to get the full effect if these pages go public!

Seriously though, I am perturbed about this but, like many things before, I shall get through it if it all becomes common knowledge! It's just one more hassle in life's grand scheme {sigh} lol!

Your thoughts are, as usual, welcome.

Worryingly normal, Frighteningly sane and Intriguingly different!

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