Here is a short story i tried to write!  

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7/6/2006 3:42 pm

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Here is a short story i tried to write!

Here is a good one that happen back in the day.during my senior
year in school my girlfriend and i slipped of after school
to spend some time together.We went in the auditorium and
were making out and some heavy petting after school let
out.This was about some of the only private time we had then
being kids.As things were getting heated she took my cock
out of my pants and started sucking for all she was worth
.after about two minutes of this i thought i heard a noise
but who am i to complain as she was working her magic on me.Well
low and behold there was a figure walking towards us, but
what could i do as i was getting very worked up and wanted
to cum for all i was worth.When all of a sudden a women's
voice asked what she was doing.I tried for all i was worth
to zip my pants back up, but it was way to late and my ragging
hard on was sticking up in the air wanting to cum so bad.As
this women kept coming towards us we both noticed it was
miss bruce.She was a very hot looking women in her thirties
with one hell of a figure.She looked right at my cock and
started telling us we weren't suppose to be in there
and that we would be turned in.Here i'm still sitting
with my cock getting soft and hanging out of my pants.My
girlfriend finely sit totally up with her pants still unzipped
and starts talking back as i take my hand from her pants.Miss
bruce just starts to say something about what we are doing
when she reaches out and takes my hand.She slowly puts my
fingers in her mouth and pulls them slowly out as her tongue
washes my fingers of my girlfriends juices.She says that
taste good and she would like to have some more but i am to
just watch as she gets on her knees and slowly takes my girlfriend
pants from her thighs and lowers them to the floor.I watch
in total amazement as miss bruce slides her tongue onto
my girlfriends clit and just starts licking.What was i
to say as i could feel my cock getting hard again and new i
wanted one of them to touch my cock.My girlfriend fell back
further in the chair and i could hear her moan as miss bruce
worked wonders on her clit , it wasn't long before
she had her coming hard and me as hard as a rock just setting
there wanting=ing to fuck one of them.Then miss bruce turns
towards me and says don't think your getting away with
this and she grabbed hold of my cock which i thought i would
come right there, She slowly raises her skirt showing
just a garter belt and strockings with the smoothest pussy
i ever seen.She put her legs around me and slowly slides
down on my cock i thought i was going to cum right then.My
girlfriend had a look of disbelief on her face and angry.Who
was i to complain.Miss bruce told me not to cum but i think
i was starting to already.She worked her pussy down on my
cock and then slowly started rocking but i was coming.She
told me i better not go soft as she wanted to get fucked after
being worked up watching us.I stayed hard thankfully and
she fucked me to another orgasm as my girlfriend just sat
there touching her hot clit.I knew when miss bruce was done
i still had my girlfriend to tend to.So what an amazing day
this turned out to be.I must say the next day was very weird
walking into her room for classes.

Sweetpickles69 47F

7/7/2006 8:07 pm

Did this really happen? Very HOT if it did!


outdoorman94 47M

7/29/2006 6:42 pm

Well i tell it like it is!

luvdick888 43F
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8/13/2006 1:09 pm

ooooooohhhhhhhh............... i feel nwet wet wet after reading ya story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hot hot hot...........

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