Crazy people stalking !  

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8/20/2006 10:54 am

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Crazy people stalking !

Well it has come to my attention that as usual i am being stalked again.This person has been stalking me for over a ytear now and i am getting very sick of it.I mean every time she keeps sneaking around my blog and saying things about people she knows i associate with.The real reason is this WOMEN is jealous that i wouldn't give her the time or day.She has on many occasion said she was dating me which is very un true.It's just a matter of her forgetting to take her meds again.This is getting very ridiculous and as usual it keeps continuing on.I have also see that this person has caused many issue's on AdultFriendFinder and other sites that she visit's.Just last week she was stalking other men on AdultFriendFinder and finally the guy had to turn her in,which i have done on several occasions.It's just this women likes to take the back door into blogs(yes a script kitty) and look around andchange things.Maybe this womenshould seek some professional help.I'm sure if you watch this blog she will be posting on what i have written.If she don't it's because of the fact she is embarassed and has nothing to say.Well that wonb't be true either as when she write's me on yahoo i will post all her offline messages and comments .The real question here is what should i do.I need help with this issue,As if it continues she will try to turn it around or try and send this article to AdultFriendFinder to have them reject it.Seriously it's a serious issue which some men will not say anything about,but i have had it and am blurting it all out.thank you for your responses!

hotlilpussycat99 43F

8/20/2006 2:34 pm

Yes, I DO have something to say about all of this bullshit that you have posted about me. FIRST OF has not been over a year. The only thing that is going on over a year now is that you have your friend stalk me all over AdultFriendFinder so you can see what I am doing.

I havent caused ANY issues on AdultFriendFinder, nor other sites that I have visited. That is you making shit up for whatever reason you might have. And yes, your friend is still stalking me, that is how she found out half of the story about this: There was a man in the last two weeks or so that I banned from my group cause he said he wasnt going to be active anymore and because he evidently has an authority complex of some kind, he got pissed off and twisted the story around in his blog and linked it to my picture, I kept visiting his blog to see what else he had posted about me, and then had his posts removed which pissed him off, so he called me a stalker because I visited his blog.

I do not use a 'backdoor' to get into blogs or change things around. I do not know how to do that. Any kind of formatting of colors and things that I do are done using the legitimate tags that AdultFriendFinder provides or ones that were posted in the CEO's blog post called: Some new HTML-like commands live (this link was posted using another tag that is located at the bottom of every post, a legit tag, not a 'backdoor'). There is no way to change things in your blog post that I know of, and I have no need to know of nor have I ever tried to know of. I have all the capability of reading your post the normal way. You have banned me from your blog at times, and once I did use an alternate profile to comment on some other bullshit that you were going on about. I had this alternate profile at the time to avoid someone in a chatroom that would have harrassed me. This profile has been deleted now. Right now, this is the only alternate profile that I have, and I have this profile to use for when AdultFriendFinder accidently removes my profile and I can use this one while I am waiting for my primary profile to be restored, and yes...that is allowed too. AdultFriendFinder accidently removed my profile 4 times in the space of 2 1/2 weeks about a month ago, so I had to have something else because I have my groups.

This is basically the same thing that I just posted to you in yahoo, so there is no need to post that now, cause I have done it for you.

I have tried to sort out all of the misconceptions and lies that you have been told about me, this is the reason why I have contacted you. I have only contacted a few times in the past 3 months or so and you have never once told me not to contact you before you came here in your blog bashing me first. When I send people offlines in yahoo, it is a habit for me to press send after every sentence, which may be annoying...but to me it is still ONE whole message, not 5 or 7 or whatever you like to think. I have never had anyone say that I am a stalker before you have, the ONE person that did it last week was actually stalking AND abusing ME! So....before you go off on your high horse, maybe you'd better find out the whole story.

And btw, whenever I see someone talking negatively in ANY way about someone in their blog, I automatically think that it is because they are JUST trying to make that person look bad, which explains why they post about it in their blog for the whole world to see.

You dont have to worry about me EVER contacting you again. You can sit around and believe a bunch of fairytales if you want, but you have absolutely been NO friend to me, nor have you EVER been fair to me, and I honestly wonder why I have even cared.....


outdoorman94 47M

8/20/2006 4:05 pm

See all of you looking at this she is using another name out here,what a freaking dumb ass .I should tell you all that she sent me 6 off line messages on yahoo and is using another profile on here which is the one above
She also has another profile which if you would like to e-mail her i will gladly give you her name

outdoorman94 47M

8/20/2006 4:08 pm

I had to ban the member again as she keeps posting under different name,see and this has been going on for over a year.The funny thing is she has done this to several different men and thinks she can cry foul and they will let her do what she wantds.She used another name on AdultFriendFinder just to post which i banned again!

outdoorman94 47M

8/20/2006 4:42 pm

have i'm not surte it will seeing it has been around for so long!

outdoorman94 47M

8/21/2006 2:29 pm

I just have to add that NEW TRUCK towing the TRITON,then we'll talk!

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