First night out in Arlington  

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5/11/2006 8:43 am
First night out in Arlington

So I go to a place called Sherlock's Baker St. Pub. Well it sure looked like a pub. Lot's of people and a great place for darts. Met a few locals and had a few rounds. Quite a few cute girls but they were all Indian not Texan. Most of the Texas girls all looked the same and were very loud and bossy.
So I leave there and went to a place called JRR Bentley's. Very small college place but very cozy. Not a lot of people there and not much to do but drink. After a while a very attractive young lady comes in with a group of knuckle dragging men and a few other girls. She sees me and smiles. Well I’m not a total ass so I didn’t try to chat her up in front of her group. Besides there was a large Neanderthal trying to hang himself over her like a coat. I started talking to the bartender. She came up behind me and asked me where my accent was from. Now I’ve never gotten used to this but people here like accented English. I’m no Heath Ledger or Russell Crow but I do sound like them. She said she heard me talking and had to ask.
The lummox who was so interested in her was leaving with one of the other girls and they were waving goodbye to everyone. This, I felt, meant that it was ok for me to talk to her. Her name is Carrie and she is a student at UTA. She has long red hair, and very green eyes. She also has a very firm little body that can she can move like a wild cat when she wants it to.
We went to my place and while I unlocked the door she began to rub my bum. Once inside she jumped me and I caught her. She wrapped her long legs around me and began to suck my tongue. I had my hands under that tight ass of hers and began to squeeze. I moved her back against a wall and used one free hand to caress her face and she took my hand and popped my finger in her mouth and began to suck. She let go and got down and whipped her top off. We never made it to the bedroom. Our fist and second times were fast and very passionate. Later we slowed down and really got to work. I was down in the bush so to speak, and began to slowly lick her little clit in slow circles. My fingers were moving slowly in and out of her. Her legs began to shudder. She said “I want you in me”. I moved up and kissed her deeply, as I moved my tongue into her mouth I moved my dick into her very wet pussy. She began to scratch my back as I moved rhythmically against her. I leaned in and began to nibble her ear very gently as one had stroked her pert little breasts. Her nipples were like little pebbles quivering on their peaks. She moaned and I increase my thrust. In seconds she erupted in a rapid string of “OHFUCK OHSHITYESYESYESMOREMOREMOREOHHHHHHFFFFFUUUUUCK!!!!!!
At the moment of climax her pussy clenched me so hard I came like a volcano.
We lay there feeling aftershocks for quite a while.
She left for home this week since school let out. I’ve tasted Texas and now I absolutely gagging for more.

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