Takin' care of business ...  

ourlittlesecret9 40M
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3/7/2006 10:46 am
Takin' care of business ...

Not much time to relax, but when I do get some I make the most of it.

Man or woman today ... ? Maybe a nice 25-year old, tight body, firm ass, mmm ... tasty.

You're on your knees, sucking my hard cock. Licking the length, then gobbling the girth ... ohhhhhhh.

I love it when my entire cock fits in your mouth / throat. The feeling is unreal. Your hands grabbing my ass, pulling me tighter, cramming every last milimeter into your greedy hole.

Your palms clench my ass, while your fingers explore, sliding, rubbing, pressing against my ass. Gently, cautiously you slide one in, needing to penetrate me as I penetrate you.

You push me harder, forcing me over the edge. Rivers of come surge into your mouth, as you slurp it down, always seeking, needing more.

When I'm empty, sucked dry, you're at your peak.

You turn the tables, bend me over, and drive into my ass. Girl with a strap-on, boy with a cock, it doesn't matter. You're wet, sopping, and you glide right in.

I'm surprised, shocked, then pleased as you start your rythymic grinding. You fuck me hard, long, and when it's over, you fall into me. We're entangled, hot flesh touching hot flesh, and stay that way for quite some time.

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